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Trump Begins Iraq Troop Withdrawal After Pummeling Deep State With Multiple Deadly Body Blows

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A compelling new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today affirming the Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s declaration that Russia will spare no effort to build a multipolar world resting on the principles of cooperation rather than confrontation, states that this bold stance has now been met by a President Donald Trump new objective to advance economic development, security, and the sovereignty of Central Asian countries as a way to stabilize the region and promote peace—a stark break from the Clinton-Bush-Obama government’s monstrous “regime change wars” objective that has kept our world in chaos and bloodshed for the past nearly 30-years—and during the past 24-hours, has seen Trump joining this move towards global peace with the withdrawal of US troops who are now beginning to leave their 15 military bases in Iraq—a withdrawal bitterly opposed by the legions of unelected former Clinton-Bush-Obama intelligence agency and military bureaucrats most commonly known as the “Deep State”—who since even before Trump took office, have initiated numerous coups to overthrow him—but in whose failing to accomplish these coups, now sees them facing the ancient Biblical precept “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind…”.

The Trump unleashed “whirlwind” now landing multiple deadly body blows on these “Deep State” coup plotters—includes this past week alone a US Federal Court ruling that no one can have access to Trump’s records, to include his conversations with foreign leadersTrump cleaning house in his National Security Council by throwing out sham impeachment witness US Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman and his twin brother Yevgeny, along with 70 other Obama holdovers—top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway warning to expect more such ousters in the days ahead—one of whom will be sham impeachment witness Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, whose testimony is still being kept hidden by Liar Schiff—as well as the anonymous member of the Trump administration who penned a scathing anti-Trump op-ed in the New York Times, asserted his or her position as a member of the “resistance,” and went on to write a tell-all book, and who has now been pinpointed by Trump and will shortly be ousted.

All occurring in the same week US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stood up in front his nation’s State governors and shockingly told them that he has a list of all of them listed as “Friendly” by Communist China—a shock revelation then followed by US Attorney General William Barr announcing that he was beginning a “significant escalation” against left-wing Democrat Party controlled sanctuary cities protecting criminal illegal aliens—and upon Barr learning this week that the Mueller Team had evidence proving that the Trump-Russia collusion evidence found in Ukraine was fabricated and ignored it, saw him opening a new criminal investigation into Ukraine and the Bidens—a criminal investigation that now sees yet another “Burisma Pawn In Play”—who is Joseph Cofer Black, a former CIA agent and a national security adviser for Romney’s 2012 campaign, and who just so happened to be a board member of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma along with Hunter Biden—and has Trump and his loyalists stating that by voting to impeach Trump last week, Romney was covering for his fellow swamp crony.

And as if this week of deadly body blows slammed against the “Deep State” by Trump couldn’t get worse, it then saw the appearance of mysterious and powerful US Attorney Jocelyn Ballantine—who while keeping top CIA spy Anne Sacoolas from being extradited back to Britain to answer vehicle murder charges—suddenly appeared in the early morning hours of Sunday at the US Federal Court House in Washington D.C.—where she made an extraordinary filing revealing that she has replaced Muller’s prosecutors on the case against General Michael Flynn, and further asked for a sentencing continuance so she herself could examine the made up “Deep State” charges against this distinguished American war hero—a continuance immediately granted by US District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan, who indefinitely postponed General Flynn’s sentencing hearing—that afterwards saw General Flynn’s heartbroken wife Barbara posting a message on Twitter saying: “My husband is being treated like he’s public enemy #1. All he did was help @realDonaldTrump become POTUS & did his job as incoming NSA. Our GOV that he protected for 33 yrs turned against him. Sad.”—but whose sadness may be premature, as secretive US Attorney Ballantine is most assuredly the source behind the blockbuster headline of the week: “Word On The Street Is There May Be Major Deep State Arrests This Week”…ukrain

A Few “Items of (possible) Interest 2-6-20”

I’ve been quite fully occupied with local items (personal, etc.) plus a couple of “service to others” deals (some not too challenging, some very challenging), so I’ve only gleaned a few items here and there. But here they are. Pelosi freaks out right when POTUS says “Stanktuary”…


Season Finale Of Trump Impeachment Show Ends With Elopement Of Star-Crossed Lovers Pierre Delecto And Nancy Pelosi

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A too funny for words new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today commenting on former Obama-Clinton Regime intelligence officials launching spoiled child-like petty attacks against Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Gina Haspel because she clapped, stood and cheered during President Donald Trump’s nationwide delivered State of the Union Address, states that Director Haspel’s public reactions align perfectly with her other role as being a member of the White House Cabinet—all of whose members are political appointees fully expected to support whomever their President is and the political party they work for—and except for “Designated Survivor” Interior Secretary David Bernhardt being kept away from the US Capital in case it was destroyed and the US government had to be rebuilt, saw all other Cabinet Members cheering Trump on, too—and as one would expect, as this event kicked off the two-part season finale of the Trump Impeachment Show—part-one that aired on Tuesday evening in front of a television audience of over 37-million American people who watched what’s being described as a masterpiece show of “political door prizes, special guests, big name boycotts, hyperbole galore and the nation’s top Democrats literally shredding the ex-Celebrity Apprentice’s speech in front of Congress and the cameras”—a reference to Democrat Party House Leader Nancy Pelosi providing the “cliffhanger” ending to part-one of this season finale (an ending to an episode of a serial drama that leaves the audience in suspense) with her tearing to shreds her copy of Trump’s speech on live television—which was followed on Wednesday afternoon when part-two of this season finale aired—otherwise known as the US Senate sham impeachment trial of Trump that saw him being acquitted of the made up charges against him—and in its shock ending, saw Pelosi’s hatred of Trump being matched with that of her star-crossed lover Pierre Delecto—the secret Trump-bashing twitter name of Republican Party US Senator Mitt Romney who voted guilty on one of the two impeachment charges—after which Pelosi lavished praise on Romney-Delecto like a young bride about to elope with her secret lover—a marriage from political hell that then caused the US leftist mainstream propaganda media to proclaim Romney-Delecto as the new “President of the Republican Resistance”—a title, however, Romney-Delecto actually earned in 2016 after watching in envy while Trump won more than 8-million votes than he did during his failed 2012 presidential election—and its worth being remembered is the same Romney-Delecto who “Stabbed American Workers In The Back Long Before He Stabbed Trump”—a back stabbing of American workers that made Romney-Delecto billions-of-dollars as he closed their factories and bankrupted them—and while these hundreds-of-thousands of American workers were left penniless, they were forced to watch as Romney-Delecto made $20,000 off of each and every one of them—all of which explains why when this two-part season finale ended, “liberal tears” began to flow from the eyes of “depressed” Democrat lawmakers—all of whom know their days are surely numbered…

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UN Chief Warning That “Wind Of Madness Is Sweeping Globe” Proves True After US Democrat Leader Has Mind Blown Out Of Her Head

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An engaging new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting the affirmation given by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that Russia will react to the massive US military exercise in Europe due in March, “but it will do so in a way that will rule out unnecessary risks”, says a world teetering on the brink of chaos and breakdown at the present time rules out even contemplating actions that could lead to further destabilization—especially at a time when the entire world is trembling in fear as the four plagues of Coronavirus, African Swine Fever, H5N1 Bird Flu and H1N1 Swine Flu are simultaneously marching their way across Asia—a catastrophe now joined by the “Biblical Proportion” growing plague of hundreds-of-billions of locusts devouring everything in their path from African to the Middle East—all coming at the exact same time United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres is gravely warning “A Wind Of Madness Is Sweeping The Globe”—winds of madness that, a few hours ago, reached Washington D.C., where President Donald Trump was delivering an “economic dazzling”  annual State of the Union Address to the American people described as a “grand slam”, and blew the mind out of socialist Democrat Party House Leader Nancy Pelosi—the same Pelosi who vowed yesterday that her US House of Representatives will vote this week on a sweeping bill to force all the American people to begin paying dues to unions they don’t belong to—a vow made while Pelosi was digesting the grim news that her Democrats “Might Have Screwed Up The Whole Nomination Process” because of their train wreck disaster called the presidential Iowa Caucuses, and her learning that another major employer is leaving her San Francisco district and taking thousands of high-paying jobs with them—all leading mind blown out Pelosi to shame herself before the entire world when she ripped up Trump’s speech on live television—a disgusting display of mindless rage the White House immediately responded to by saying: “Speaker Pelosi just ripped up: One of our last surviving Tuskegee Airmen. The survival of a child born at 21 weeks.  The mourning families of Rocky Jones and Kayla Mueller.  A service member’s reunion with his family. That’s her legacy”—who were followed by White House social media director Dan Scavino stating: “Nancy Pelosi destroyed a historical record tonight at #SOTU. The speech she ripped up was a one-of-a-kind record, signed by POTUS and full of stories of Bravery, Heroism and Patriotism. It belonged to the AMERICAN PEOPLE, not to her. What a disgusting display of raw partisanship!”—both of whom were quickly joined by top Fox News host Greg Gutfeld tweeting out: “I didn’t realize how fucking great that speech was until Pelosi ripped it up”, and popular conservative Seattle radio host Jason Rantz tweeting: “Imagine being 108 years old and still acting like you’re 9”—the latter being a sentiment shared by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who in trying to find someone to compare Pelosi to, settled on likening her to the tantrum throwing cartoon girl-child Lisa Simpson…

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Trump Targets California With “Game Changer” City Block Nuke Missile Test

A foreboding new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today examining findings related to the long-duration Tu-160 strategic nuclear armed bombers over flights of the Arctic, notes these flight crews having registered an unannounced ballistic missile test firing from within this region on 29 January—a test firing preceded by an alert message emanating from the United States Navy Ohio-Class ballistic missile submarine USS Tennessee (SSBN-734), that left its homeport at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay in Georgia-USA in late December-2019 to begin patrol exercises in Arctic waters—and was a test seeing this submarine launching a ballistic missile using the North Pole route to reach its State of California target destination, where upon reentering the atmosphere, its streaking through the sky caused concerns among this State’s citizens unknowing of what was occurring—but instead of these American citizens being concerned about this missile’s reentry into their skies, should more rightly see them becoming panicked—because, for the first time in history, the USS Tennessee set sail with the “Game Changing” new and controversial low-yield W76-2 nuclear warhead—a warhead that detonates on the ground to create a fireball just over 490-feet wide, wherein everything is incinerated—which designates it as a type of “city block” weapon device unsuitable for nuclear armed great-nation warfare—as in this type of warfare, nuclear weapons would vaporize entire cities and large-scale military bases—thus leading to the question as to whom President Donald Trump, who ordered this nuclear weapon to be rapidly developed and deployed, is intending to use it against…

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“KatyDid” Ends Democrat Reign Of Terror As Impeachment Enters “Game Over” Phase

31 January 2020

Hello Folks,

I’ve just finished reading the article titled “Game Over: Key GOP Senator Will Vote ‘No’ On New Trump Impeachment Witnesses” posted at the Townhall site that announced United States Senator Lamar Alexander has decided to vote “no” on calling further witnesses in the US Senate impeachment trail of President Donald Trump—a decision this retiring Republican Party lawmaker explained in his Press Release noting that while he wasn’t exactly pleased with Trump’s phone call to the Ukrainian president about issues having to do with Joe Biden, his bottom line was: “There is no need for more evidence to prove something that has already been proven and that does not meet the United States Constitution’s high bar for an impeachable offense—and—There is no need to consider further the frivolous second article of impeachment that would remove the president for asserting his constitutional prerogative to protect confidential conversations with his close advisers”.

This historic decision made by Senator Alexander effectively ends the Democrat reign of terror against Trump in this impeachment farce—but whose true doom of this impeachment hoax was actually accomplished 3-days earlier—a doom leveled against these Democrats by of all things a “Sound of the Night” insect called the “Katydid”—of which there are 6,400 species worldwide—but because they are usually green and camouflaged to blend in with foliage, are more commonly heard than seen—and whose rasping sounds are said to resemble the words “Katy Did! Katy Did! Katy Did!”…

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