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UPDATED: TRUMP/QANON AND THE PLAN to free us all!! Putting the Pieces Together!


The Q Plan to is unfolding. The pieces are coming together daily. The Q posts are lining up. We are in the nexus of events and are charting our future together. This is The Plan as it is happening!


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A Note (or two) about this word that appeared in Q drop 97… “Darnkess”

[Kp update: I removed the link to AS’s foundation, as I felt it was not “right” to post on the blog. Feel free to Google (or Startpage or other search engine) that to find the URL.] Notice that one of the words in the title of the last Kp blog post was “Darnkess”…


The Q Signal radio 3-26-20… “The Best is Yet to Come” (with a live “appearance” by Austin Steinbart)

KF pointed this out to me yesterday, and I’ve listened to their conversation with Austin (starts at 2 hr., 3 min), which lasts for about 2 hours. I understand Louisa of Goldfish Report will be doing a live stream interview with him at 8PM EDT. Some may wish to join in…


Several items regarding the “Austin Steinbart” phenomenon… Citizens Investigative Report, Praying Medic, Goldfish Report, TerranCognito

So, below, feel free to take one’s pick among these various “Who the h— is Austin?” evaluations…


David Wilcock 3-23-20 Tweet… “[Q] posts COMPLETELY confirm [DW’s] intel”

Okay, this is just a Tweet from DW confirming his intel related in Sunday’s YouTube broadcast (related Kp blog post). Note that he refers to “Q” as “17”. And the main Q post he refers to (I believe) is this one, #3896…


And We Know News VIDEO 3-17-20… “Risk in painting this picture. THE SUM OF ALL FEARS. Q”

This AWK news video covers many items that are appearing right now, particularly the dark side of the Hollywood actors now being “CV’d”, and so on. Quite inspiring. AWK is doing occasional news type videos like this, which I often find helpful and illuminating. . https://youtu…


Mr. Ed. RMN 3-14-20… “INTEL Update (Real News) via email – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic – THERE IS NO VIRUS”

As always, I recommend using discernment when reading this, but many of the points here are in line with what I have been “getting” about this whole planetary affair right now, with the Corona Virus, things being shut down, etc. I’ll add a highlight or two below. “56,000 U.S…


Austin Steinbart 3-3-20… “Who Is Q? (Pt. 1)”

This one unveiled itself to me after watching “Part 2“. This is all pretty captivating, especially when combined with “Part 2“. So enjoy this show, and look forward to further unveilings from this “Austin Steinbart” guy. .


TRON Video 2-16-20… “Qanon – Through the Looking Glass. Panic in DC” (this is Part 3 of 4)

Similar to a prior TRON video (Kp blog post), I found this one extremely fascinating, with interesting decodes. And remember that these videos are connected to the book by Nellie Bly (and her trip around the world), “A Race Around the World“…


Trump Begins Iraq Troop Withdrawal After Pummeling Deep State With Multiple Deadly Body Blows

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A compelling new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today affirming the Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s declaration that Russia will spare no effort to build a multipolar world resting on the principles of cooperation rather than confrontation, states that this bold stance has now been met by a President Donald Trump new objective to advance economic development, security, and the sovereignty of Central Asian countries as a way to stabilize the region and promote peace—a stark break from the Clinton-Bush-Obama government’s monstrous “regime change wars” objective that has kept our world in chaos and bloodshed for the past nearly 30-years—and during the past 24-hours, has seen Trump joining this move towards global peace with the withdrawal of US troops who are now beginning to leave their 15 military bases in Iraq—a withdrawal bitterly opposed by the legions of unelected former Clinton-Bush-Obama intelligence agency and military bureaucrats most commonly known as the “Deep State”—who since even before Trump took office, have initiated numerous coups to overthrow him—but in whose failing to accomplish these coups, now sees them facing the ancient Biblical precept “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind…”.

The Trump unleashed “whirlwind” now landing multiple deadly body blows on these “Deep State” coup plotters—includes this past week alone a US Federal Court ruling that no one can have access to Trump’s records, to include his conversations with foreign leadersTrump cleaning house in his National Security Council by throwing out sham impeachment witness US Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman and his twin brother Yevgeny, along with 70 other Obama holdovers—top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway warning to expect more such ousters in the days ahead—one of whom will be sham impeachment witness Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, whose testimony is still being kept hidden by Liar Schiff—as well as the anonymous member of the Trump administration who penned a scathing anti-Trump op-ed in the New York Times, asserted his or her position as a member of the “resistance,” and went on to write a tell-all book, and who has now been pinpointed by Trump and will shortly be ousted.

All occurring in the same week US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stood up in front his nation’s State governors and shockingly told them that he has a list of all of them listed as “Friendly” by Communist China—a shock revelation then followed by US Attorney General William Barr announcing that he was beginning a “significant escalation” against left-wing Democrat Party controlled sanctuary cities protecting criminal illegal aliens—and upon Barr learning this week that the Mueller Team had evidence proving that the Trump-Russia collusion evidence found in Ukraine was fabricated and ignored it, saw him opening a new criminal investigation into Ukraine and the Bidens—a criminal investigation that now sees yet another “Burisma Pawn In Play”—who is Joseph Cofer Black, a former CIA agent and a national security adviser for Romney’s 2012 campaign, and who just so happened to be a board member of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma along with Hunter Biden—and has Trump and his loyalists stating that by voting to impeach Trump last week, Romney was covering for his fellow swamp crony.

And as if this week of deadly body blows slammed against the “Deep State” by Trump couldn’t get worse, it then saw the appearance of mysterious and powerful US Attorney Jocelyn Ballantine—who while keeping top CIA spy Anne Sacoolas from being extradited back to Britain to answer vehicle murder charges—suddenly appeared in the early morning hours of Sunday at the US Federal Court House in Washington D.C.—where she made an extraordinary filing revealing that she has replaced Muller’s prosecutors on the case against General Michael Flynn, and further asked for a sentencing continuance so she herself could examine the made up “Deep State” charges against this distinguished American war hero—a continuance immediately granted by US District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan, who indefinitely postponed General Flynn’s sentencing hearing—that afterwards saw General Flynn’s heartbroken wife Barbara posting a message on Twitter saying: “My husband is being treated like he’s public enemy #1. All he did was help @realDonaldTrump become POTUS & did his job as incoming NSA. Our GOV that he protected for 33 yrs turned against him. Sad.”—but whose sadness may be premature, as secretive US Attorney Ballantine is most assuredly the source behind the blockbuster headline of the week: “Word On The Street Is There May Be Major Deep State Arrests This Week”…ukrain

#Q #QAnon 1-23-20… Post 3786… “Independence is a beautiful thing!”… “The Brexit Act has been given Royal Assent”

This one just appeared. I’ve not done any further research on this, but this comes from the “Department for Exiting the EU” @DExEUgov, so it must be true! My question… Has it been approved by the Ministry of Silly Brexits? (refers to this)..


SerialBrain2 12-26-19… “Trump vs Cult 93”, Parts 1-4

These will likely be of interest to many. Saw this yesterday, and haven’t even come close to reading all of them, just a bit of Part 1. So here are the linked titles for your consideration. Trump vs Cult 93: The Secret War that Trump is Winning. PART 1: Spot the Number…


#Q #QAnon 11-19 ,11-20-19 (Q posts 3603-3611)… “How do you control the narrative? Information warfare”

Well, here we are with nine more Q posts, quite related to the recent “impeachment inquiry”. All the exposure of the DSD’s (deep state democrats (and DSR’s, as well, I’m sure) you could ask for at one time…


SerialBrain2 11-14-19… “Rosenstein, Kelly and Tillerson started the coup. Adam is only trying to finish it” (highlights) & AndWeKnow VIDEO

Excellent (in my view) newer article by SB2. I’m posting the link and a few highlights. I’ll post some decode images shortly…


SerialBrain2 11-14-19… DECODE IMAGES for “Rosenstein, Kelly and Tillerson started the coup. Adam is only trying to finish it”

These are from this SB2 (Rosenstein, Kelly and Tillerson started the coup. Adam is only trying to finish it) (related Kp blog post), and are from the three final decode images (Img17 – Img18 – Img19). Click each image to view the original…


SerialBrain2 11-6-19… DECODE IMAGES for “The Maestro’s Beautiful Chess Combination for the Whistleblower”

These are from this SB2 (The Maestro’s Beautiful Chess Combination for the Whistleblower) (related Kp blog post), and are from the two final decode images (Img11 – Img12). Click each image to view the original…


Where We Go 1 We Go All 11-12-19… “Fact Checking the Qanon ‘Fact Checkers’” (another OUTSTANDING VIDEO by WWG1WGA) (and even David Wilcock’s in here!)

This is another outstanding presentation by WWG1WGA, and it goes beyond the attempts by msm to “debunk Q” and goes to the heart of the Luciferian practices of the deep state players, and their agenda…