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SerialBrain2, 7-19-19… “The Truth about the “SQUAD”. Part 1: The Secret Reason”

[Kp update: one item I forgot to put in the original posting of this was that this whole “the Squad” affair, appears to be (clearly) an attempt to play the (infamous?) quadruple race card, with “Orange man racist” being the main theme…


Advertisements 7-13-19… “‘The Plan’ Proceeds”… “The choice to know [will be] yours”

Some of this hits home (except for the “addiction” part, which I’d replace that word with “passion”). I saw it yesterday and sent it around to a few, and since it felt kind of “‘right on’ for the moment”, I’m passing it along here. I enjoy this message…


SerialBrain2, 7-11-19… “The Explosive Message Trump Coded in his Speech on Independence Day” (this goes with the previous post)

[Kp note: two days ago, SB2 Reddit-mailed me and said he had replaced two of the decode images. These have been included below…