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Preparing for Disclosure & Solar Flash Events – Corey Goode at Cosmic Waves

What follows are the key elements in Corey Goode’s two presentations at the Cosmic Waves seminar in Kealakekua, Hawaii on April 9 and 11…



And We Know VIDEO 4-5-19… “SerialBrain2: COVFEFE: Trump Defeated the Demonic Fake News in 666 Days, 6 Hours and 6 Minutes”

A video by And We Know (Bitchute channel) covering the most recent SB2 post (related Kp blog post). Another great job, in my view. One very important (in my mind) thing about AWK’s videos, is that they illustrate so much of the history and background about what is unveiled in the SB2 posts…


David Wilcock on Ascension Mysteries: 4.5 Hours of New YouTube Videos!

Remarkable events are taking place in the world that verify many of the prognostications and insider disclosures David has gotten over the last 23 years. We are indeed living in very exciting times. Civilization-defining change may well be right around the corner…


#Q #QAnon 3-9-19… Four Q posts that really “Struck the Bell” (within me, at least)… “IT’S ABOUT TO HAPPEN. BE VIGILANT.”

These four Q posts came out today, and as I read each of these, it really seemed to point to the idea that we are very very very close to “things happening” that will begin a major closing down of the deep state. We shall see…