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SECRET SPACE PROGRAMS: Declassified in 2020? (New Free Movie!)

On June 6th, 2019, Pete Peterson dropped some amazing new intel in a recorded phone call with David Wilcock — and he was dead of an “accidental injection” on July 11th…


David Wilcock 12-14-19… “Pete Peterson’s Final Interview” (Secret Space Programs: Declassified in 2020?) (or, “What the H— is a HAUC*???”)

First off, HAUC = Hybrid Air Underwater Craft. And the inventor was Salvatore Pais. This video is something that came out today, and I’m listening to it now. I felt the “need” to put this out right away…


David Wilcock (@david_wilcock) Tweet 12-6-19… “The shootings and the violence needs to stop”

David posted this yesterday. Felt it was worth a share here. I like to remember that we are all “in the grips” of this incoming Grand Apocalyptic (Unveiling) energy right now, and are all feeling it, I’m quite sure. “The shootings and the violence needs to stop. Enough is enough…


Man in the High Castle is Soft Disclosure of Temporal War Revealed in Cosmic Secret

I just finished watching the final season of Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle and was stunned to see how it increasingly focused on the idea of a temporal war, which has been the subject of two of my recent articles on the QAnon movement and the Deep State…


“The Internet Doesn’t Want You To Know This Cosmic Secret!” David Wilcock~Corey Goode (Video) (2019-2020)

Disclaimer: We at Prepare for Change (PFC) bring you information that is not offered by the mainstream news, and therefore may seem controversial…