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2020 Marks End Of Most Mysterious Century In Human History Seeing Death As Only Major Advancement

A fascinatingly mind-blowing new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting the main 2020 domestic and international priority for President Putin will be the 9 May celebration marking 75th Anniversary celebration of the former Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War (known in the West as World War II), says the remembrance of this event that claimed the lives of over 81-million human beings—26-million of whom were the Soviet-Russia citizens who died saving the world from Adolph Hitler and his Nazi German Regime—is the only major achievement of the century of time that began in 1920 and ended yesterday with the beginning of 2020—a sad reflection on all humanity that saw their greatest advancements in world history occurring between 1820 and 1920—but for reasons still remaining mysterious and unexplained, saw all human advancement grinding to a sudden halt nearly 50-years ago when what is called “The Golden Quarter” ended—a period of time that ran from approximately 1945 to 1971 where just about everything that defines the modern world either came about, or had its seeds sown—but since has seen only incremental improvements being made upon what came before…

via 2020 Marks End Of Most Mysterious Century In Human History Seeing Death As Only Major Advancement

Man in the High Castle is Soft Disclosure of Temporal War Revealed in Cosmic Secret

I just finished watching the final season of Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle and was stunned to see how it increasingly focused on the idea of a temporal war, which has been the subject of two of my recent articles on the QAnon movement and the Deep State…


Utsava Psychic Medium 10-2-19… “How the Alien group, behind the American Patriots/MAGA movement, works and what they do”

Posting this for an “alternative” to the news type data. But it is also part of the total data package…


Explorers discover huge ‘lost’ cave with 3 floors & giant hall in Antarctica (PHOTOS)

Polar explorers have discovered a monumental “lost” ice cave with three floors, a giant hall, 200 meters of walkways, several lakes and a river hidden in Antarctica. The mysterious cave was found on Galindez Island, where explorers from the Ukranian Antarctic Expedition (UAE) are based…


Utsava Psychic Medium 4-28-19… “About Epstein’s wherabouts, Prince William’s future, the Royals, Reset, Bitcoin, World Terrorism, Trump”

This Utsava reading (information) was sent to me by a couple people, and it might be helpful to some. Sometimes I have a challenge understanding her English, but some of the data points in here rather “clicked in” to what I’ve been sensing…