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– Global Chemtrail Program. Blocking us from the sun.

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As we approach solstice more and more chemtrails are appearing in many locations as the desperate try to gain more time…



We Now Live Under An Ionized Sky, From Chemtrails To Space Fence Lock Down

By Dr. Jack Kruse ‘Digital heroin’ leads to people craving man made carbohydrates, opiates, and technology. We wonder why burying the Sun has led to mankind’s decline because we never sit down and put the story together in proper sequence…


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Saturday, September 23, 2017



Chemtrailing has reduced across the globe.


Gold prices climb.


North Korea finds out that the US President has authorised an attack – (at a time and a place of our choosing) and responds with a threat to detonate a hydrogen bomb off the Pacific Ocean.


Today energies are high as the constellations and planetary alignments mirror the book of Revelations

Source: General Update… | Simon Parkes Official Website

NASA Images Reveal Geoengineering Agenda — Climate Engineering Cover-Up: Ship Tracks And Jet Spraying

(Dane Wigington) NASA tells us that the shockingly visible and very extensive “tracks” (or trails) being witnessed on satellite imagery over oceans (like the ones shown below) are ALL the result of pollution being produced by ships, which is in turn creating “clouds”.