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clifs new canoe

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cancer ward s01e02

cancer ward e2
About Cancer Ward
sometimes other stuff – cryptos, things out and about.
First Principles – form of critical thinking (and analysis – not the same thing) – from Bucky Fuller /Feynman /Taoists /Patanjali /Percival

future schedule of episodes affected by weather and work patterns.


Gerson Therapy – what and why works sometimes.

C60 – teleomeres, diff from vit c, reusable, stem cells

Crypto Tms

DW and Nuremberg photos.
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clif high – Strange Science : Wine glass shattering for fun and profit

Adults only – rough language about woo-woo understanding of physics, reality, and why wine glasses shatter and how to profit from it. Discussion of quantum level effects.
Atomic bindings, lattice structure, water, atoms, wine glasses, rayguns…depending on how fast i can work through the material. A basic lecture in woo-woo quantum physics understanding.

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