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– #chemtrails. Modification, Manipulation, Geoengineering of weather to keep the new sun energy out.

David Wilcock 3-13-20 Tweets… “VERY HARD rains in California… an Alliance counter-move?”

This recent Tweet (from David Wilcock’s Twitter page) points to the rains in California as possible evidence that the “weather machines” are now in control of the Alliance…


Food Production In Sharp Decline World Wide – Be Prepared

This Is Being Planned & Implemented Through eh Deep State’s Control Of NASA and Monsanto. All we can do is watch the US Corporate “Federal” Government Grow and Kill, Kill, Kill and learn to take care of our families and let the rest go…


8 Coming Events That Should Scare the “Feces” Out Of You

These 8 things that are coming should scare the crap out of anyone with an IQ above room temperature These Are 8 words I was given of things to be unless we repent as a Nation, and that does nowt appear to be happening at an ever greater pace: 1)Earthquakes – Volcanoes will also increase sue to this..


Russia Makes Emergency Satellite Launch As US Military Prepares For Catastrophic West Coast Earthquake

A highly-classified “Of Special Importance” new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the emergency launch earlier this afternoon of a new-generation Elektro–L series meteorological satellite was ordered after a Meteor-M satellite monitoring atmospheric and sea-surface temperatures was hit and partially disabled by a micrometeorite a few days prior on 18 December—an emergency launch deemed vital to national security as the now partially disabled Meteor-M satellite had been monitoring weather activity throughout the Pacific Ocean coastal regions of North America from Southern California, thorough Canada and into Alaska—with special observation emphasis being placed on the United States Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake located in the western Mojave Desert region of California who are still recovering from the over $5 billion in damage inflicted on it by a series of powerful earthquakes that began on 4 July—and last week saw this sprawling desert facility, where some of the US military’s most advanced weapons are tested, being pummeled by another series of earthquakes—which, in turn, severely affected operations at the nearby beyond secretive Tonopah Test Range in Nevada, located near the infamous Area 51 facility, to such an extent, “dozens of mystery objects were suddenly popped out of their hangers”—all occurring at the same time a still unexplained massive geological fault shift is occurring all along the western coastal regions of North America moving from north to south that began on 15 December when a 4.1 magnitude earthquake struck south-central Alaska—that was followed on 18 December when a 5.2 magnitude earthquake shook southeast Alaska near the Glacier Bay National Park—both of which were then followed by yesterday’s 23 December pummeling of Vancouver Island off the western coast of Canada by five earthquakes, the two largest of them being 6 magnitude—a continent-wide seismic event heading south towards a California that’s recorded more than more than 100,000 aftershocks since the 4 July earthquakes that nearly destroyed Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, and is now being said has caused a major fault line in California to move for the first time in 500 years—the pressure of which has now been extended to the feared New Madrid Seismic Zone in the middle of America where 20 earthquakes have been recorded over the past two weeks.

via Russia Makes Emergency Satellite Launch As US Military Prepares For Catastrophic West Coast Earthquake

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 10-14-19… “Historic changes unfold worldwide as Zionist project collapses”

Here is the full weekly report from Ben. This appears to be pretty “big time” information. As with all of Benjamin’s posts, feel free to “tune in” to that Higher Discernment while reading…