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Depopulation Agenda for the elites to maintain control over the “useless eaters”.

Central Bank Admits Failure & Trump Stirs The Pot

Both the IMF and the Federal Reserve System Have Just Admitted To A Complete Failure With The Fiat Currency System…. They have NO solution to the current crisis…


Trade Wars -Currency Wars-Depression-World War

The Timeline is important as the Lucifarian Christ must return in December off 2025 to a Mad Max Scenario here on Earth and then implement 500 years of WAR. You Can’t Make This Stuff Up????..


Documents To Destroy Despicable Demon-Crats, & Epstein

This video shows the documents – if released in full, should destroy the Despicable Demon-Crats Here lies the Dilemma Despite the fact that the Department of Justice has all of the documents – now one is ordering the arrest of the 2,000 people involved Further – those claiming they plan to kill ALL..