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– Now #AGENDA30 – Depopulation Agenda Lie. The tech that they hide changes everything.

UN behind caravan, tells America to stand down to the caravan

Washington Post Reports: The U.N. special investigator on the human rights of migrants has a message for the Mexican and U.S. governments: Respect the human rights of every person on the caravan heading from Central America and consider each case individually…


Whistleblower Reveals That A UN-Planned Invasion By Refugees Into The US Is Already Underway

Radio show host Josh Tolley interviewed an unidentified American woman from Missouri who learned about her state’s refugee immigration program by attending UN-sponsored meetings and participating in the programs…


World Leaders Promise mass Confusion

As many of you already know, as an Ambassador I get to watch, and listen to, some folks that are pretty high up in the food chain. Let’s discuss a few meetings this week at levels above reality…


Red Heifer Born In Israel- End Of Days??

RED HEIFER BORN IN ISRAEL SIGNIFIES END DAYS? The Points of view, and purpose of this video, is not to bully or harass anyone, but rather share those opinions and thoughts with other like-minded individuals curious about these subjects…


Pentagon Gets $82 Billion More For ???

While we were all watching the Immigration Fight and the Fake Russia Investigation being pushed by the Main Stream Media Congress slapped a New Bill through sending the Department of Defense another $83 Billion Dollars in preparations to ending the Drug Wars in Mexico…