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Financial Balancing

Some years ago we used the phrase ‘financial reset’ that never occurred, I always favoured the term ‘financial balancing’.

After a great deal of secret and semi secret meetings it’s beginning to look as some sort of agreement has been reached.

President Trump who clearly is in the know has been asking the Fed to cut rates, which until recently they did not do.

The bond market is one of the best indicators of world financial conditions.

It is under enormous stress – not since 2008 have we seen such pressure.

Finally the Fed forced out of its inaction has put $75 billion into the “repo” bond market amid near panic in the top echelons of the Fed Reserve.

President Trump has been calling for a Fed stimulus package.

Looks like he will get it as a one quarter of one percentage point cut was ridiculous.

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Pentagon plans to deport Zionists as global financial reset looms

The U.S. military-industrial complex is making serious moves against Zionists, preparing to expel many of them to a Jewish autonomous zone in Siberia, Pentagon sources say…


Two interviews with Benjamin Fulford : 9 re : “The Distraction Game. Surveillance State” and “Red and White Dragon Interview : Global Currency Reset” (via and Goldfish Report)

I’m placing both of these in this post, as I felt some might be interested in one or both of these. Each comes from a different perspective. Please go to the description section of each video to view more links and references. .