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Nuremberg 2.0 hearings to be broadcast live on the Internet

The cleanup of the Khazarian satanist infection of the U.S. body politic took a dramatic new turn last week when the U.S. House of Representatives voted to broadcast live the tribunals taking place now in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and elsewhere.…



Mystery Around Jeffrey Epstein’s Fortune and How He Made It

In a neighborhood of millionaires and billionaires, close to New York’s famous Museum Mile, two initials discreetly adorn the entrance of one of the city’s most opulent mansions: J.E…


Trump Ignites “Sex Crime Firebomb” To Incinerate “Deep State” Operatives—Including Hillary Clinton

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#Q #QAnon 3-9-19… Four Q posts that really “Struck the Bell” (within me, at least)… “IT’S ABOUT TO HAPPEN. BE VIGILANT.”

These four Q posts came out today, and as I read each of these, it really seemed to point to the idea that we are very very very close to “things happening” that will begin a major closing down of the deep state. We shall see…


FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 3-4-19… “Vatican bribery accounts for 6,000 so-called world leaders have been shut down”

Here’s the full weekly report from Ben. So, personally, I am not judging anything written in this report nor assuming that everything presented here is really “as it is” in reality. Again, a review of DW’s response to last week’s report might be useful…