GCR – Trump Executive Order authorized the release of funds and liquidity for the RV on Saturday, May 16 at 9:52 p.m. EDT

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GCR: update from Sun. May 17, 2020 at 12:01 a.m. EDT.

Sources from Zurich and Reno have confirmed that a Trump Executive Order authorized the release of funds and liquidity for the RV on Saturday, May 16 at 9:52 p.m. EDT.

At this time, Reno was still locked and after yesterday’s 24-hour hold, liquidity was released for the Historic Bond payments over the weekend (the historic asset swap with the first Yellow Dragon Bond Bonds), with payments to intermediate accounts and SKR settlements. . That would start a cash flow that would cascade down to levels and exchanges of levels 3, 4a, b (us) for next week.

Early Saturday morning, some sources had said that everything was still on the way. Trump would make the start happen Monday through Tuesday. May 18, 19, as promised to the Chinese Elders last Thursday. Your head of the RV process Judy Shelton’s time was for notifications and the 800 # numbers to make Level 4b appointments at the end of this weekend’s launch between Monday. and Thursday May 18-21.

There was a clear relationship between the start of the Historical Asset redemption (first, Yellow Dragon Notes) and the start of the RV launch, as there was an ongoing payment movement of key assets this weekend.

At this time, Paymasters and church groups (Level 3) received the release of money, SKR holders received payments and became liquid, and since they were liquid, we at Level 4b would be liquid and within Redemption Centers next week.

The Chinese had defaulted on some bonds in the 1960s and Trump was demanding that they pay the American public for these bonds. We owed them money, but they owed us the bonds. So Trump was looking to accomplish two things: (1) show them for not handling Covid-19, and (2) the debt problem. A debt swap was what they were discussing. Now there was a new understanding between China and the United States. Trump wanted transparency and reciprocity.

Shelton had been following the final procedures for the RV, including overseeing the USD to USN conversion, removing the old SWIFT system (which Deep State used to delay launching the RV for the past few months) and replacing it with the new Quantum Financial System Blockchain.

Shelton was also accused of supervising the United States Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin. He was being monitored to make sure he was doing nothing to help the Deep State interfere with the RV release process, as he was suspected to have done in the past. On Monday, May 11, Shelton was ready to get things moving with the final RV launch and pay / trade sequence. Shelton thought it would end the six-step digital and physical conversion of the Fiat USD to the USN-backed asset Monday through Tuesday. May 11 and 12. However, there were a number of political, legal, and Common Law issues involved in the conversion procedures that slowed things down and unexpectedly delayed 48 hours.

There were 19 Deep State people in the Federal Reserve system who were arrested behind the scenes because they slowed down the USN audit process last week, creating part of the 48-hour delay. Democrats also suggested key restrictions. Pelosi’s $ 3 billion stimulus bill planned to use Dubai RV / GCR funds 1, but that would not pass in Congress. Deep State Democrats were pushing for a ZIM tax to be imposed and for Level 4b not to be released until August 4 due to Scamdemic travel restrictions.

Shelton said: “The political issues related to the US-China trade deal, gold allocation and pandemic travel restrictions and the blame for the Corona virus attributed to China had to be resolved with China.”

On the other hand, Trump was trying to help everyone. He was contesting any limits or limitations and said the RV MUST START RIGHT NOW. Shelton led two important meetings with Trump and top team leaders from the DoD, UST, State Department, and White House teams. Political problems were resolved and tensions eased until Thursday. May 14 night.

Starting Friday. May 15, everything was on the way for Level 4b to start Monday through Tuesday. May 18, 19 and onwards next week. Shelton had finished an RV schedule. The SKR holders that were paid this weekend were liquid, and since they were liquid, they would all be liquid. Level 4b would be inside the Redemption Centers next week.

Shelton said: “We are seeing all of the programs that are in place [sovereign accounts, foreclosed accounts, historical bonds fully paid at the current USN rate] over a three-day period that should start on Friday. May 15 to Monday. 18 may.

Friday On May 15 at 2 a.m. EDT, the UST blocked the rates of the Forex update, which meant they had to do a new launch algorithm at 3 a.m. EDT on Friday. 15 th of May. They were unable to use the blocked rates from Sunday at midnight on May 10 because those rates changed during last week’s negotiation.

Shelton said: “The problems with the USD to the USN seemed to be complete.” He indicated that it would take the entire weekend to complete the conversion completely so that the USN could be traded globally by currency traders on the night of Sunday, May 17. Trump told Shelton and the RV teams that the banks have been trained to obtain the remaining Level 4b 800 # notifications between Sun. Tuesday night. May 17-19 onwards next week. The new schedule called for things to be cleaned up so that everything could start before Monday. to Tuesday May 18 and 19. Also, and this was very important, Trump had promised the Chinese Elders and the Chinese Ministry of Finance team that he would start launching the RV Monday through Tuesday. May 18, 19 and up next week.

The RV teams were working on this under Shelton’s supervision and getting the launch next Monday. – Tuesday 18, May 19 onwards next week. Shelton: “Level 4b was at the end of the implementation process that started this weekend, so we were looking at Mon. May 18 to Thursday May 21 to receive 800 # notifications and set Level 4b appointments. ”

Monday through Tuesday. May 18, 19, the Admiral and his team would be liquid at USN. Banks have been told that on or before Tuesday. On May 19 they would be sending the 800 # notification emails, although they warned that the plan could be changed as it should be last week.

From Friday, May 22 to Friday. On June 5, the Perfect Storm was taking place where accusations from the political elite would be revealed with arrests at the works. In the midst of this perfect storm, the USN’s digital and physical currency would position itself for the IMF to begin foreign currency exchanges with the new international rates for Level 5 (general public) on Monday. June 1.


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