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Simon Parkes Current News Update – 20Jan17

President Elect

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tomorrow Friday President Elect is sworn in, Saturday is the party day, Sunday is day of rest, the following two weeks are sign in days when new people replace the old administration, it is after that when changes take effect.

Predicted Banking Collapse

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The remainder of January but especially February and March are extreme danger points for Bank “bail ins”.

A term for when the banks empty out customers accounts to keep themselves afloat.

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NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | The Final Battle Lines Are Being Drawn — Neil Keenan – Group K, Ltd.


For as long as I remember elections were [real] elections (up until a few years ago when I had my eyes opened to reality). One side won and one side lost. Previously, it had never dawned on me that someone actually owned both parties, and no matter who won, that control group would be the actual winner.

This happened despite the US Democratic and Republican parties going through the motions in a continual effort to con us into believing the parties were fighting, when in fact (at the upper levels) they worked together, made money together and worked the con together; to bring us to our knees.

In other words, take one good look at who’s “who” in Congress and in the Senate. Then you will see who is who and who should not be there any longer.

Yes, we’ve been had for a long time – but not any longer, as we have awakened. We are tired of being had by a bunch of phony so-called politicians who pull the wool over our eyes again and again.

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