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– President Trump. (Knights Templar)

Where Does Wealth Really Come From? The Keys to Abundance: Trust, Law, and Fellowship | NESARA: Don’t Wait! Let’s Restore the Human Family… NOW

Money, which is a fungible representation of value, is only a medium of exchange for true capital. Capital is defined as the ability to call upon another in trust so as to render goods or perform a service…



NESARA Extensive History and Announcements Expected in 2017 (Rumor)

As a people, we’ve been led to believe in a myth that shapes the world we live in. This myth says there are winners and losers. The winners are prosperous and wealthy because they have some advantage the rest of us don’t…


CIA Document Outlines Plans To Infiltrate Schools And Brainwash Children

CIA documents written in 1984 shows how the agency had planned to infiltrate schools, colleges and universities in order to brainwash students.   Memos from the CIA Inspector General’s office reveal how the agency had planned to saturate the media with U.S…