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Full Ben 4-8-19… Undeclared Anglo-German war raging inside the G7

Here is the text of the full BF article. Right now my body is feeling very drained and I’m not doing the usual blogging things, but here’s the article for all to read…



Russia Goes On Combat Alert As NATO Armada Steams Toward Border And German News Report Warns World War III Has Begun

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And We Know video 12-21-18… “…Military Tribunals? Military Centered Q Posts”

This short video by And We Know describes and illuminates what has been posted by Q on 12-20-18. I’ll be posting those soon. Particularly of interest (to me, at least) was how the recent resignations of Rogers, Mattis, Kelly, Sessions…


“Deep State” Wipes Out 1/8th Of US Economy Then Warns “Run For Cover” As Pillars Of Global Financial System Prepare To Crash

A stunning new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that for the first time since 1920, when the United States had its single aircraft carrier USS Langley (CV-1) plying the world’s oceans, today sees only the USS John C…