NESARA/GESARA IS COMING SOON! Debt Forgiveness will be nice too!!


N(G)esara: National(Global) Economic Security and Reformation Act

Long before NESARA, a project was born to restore the United States of America to its original Constitution of the Republic, and to remove the structure of the Corporate United States. This project began in the early 1950’s and involved intelligent and patriotic minds of both civilian and military background. These people over the years became known as the White Knights. Out of this restoration process came the Prosperity Programs, the Farmer Claims, and finally NESARA. The children of the wealthy families on our planet became concerned about the future of our civilization, when they observed the poverty, disease, starvation and suffering of the masses. They saw the imbalance between the wealth of the few and the destitution of the many, and agreed among themselves to try to correct it. One hundred of these wealthy children, who came to be known as “wealthy visionaries”, put one million dollars each, of their money, into investment programs in the 1980’s called “roll programs” to generate funds to be used for humanitarian purposes. Thus, the Prosperity Programs were born. Gradually, news of this spread to the public and millions of people invested small amounts of their meager funds to aid in these various Prosperity Programs success. Also, during the 1970’s and 1980’s many U.S. farmers were losing their land, machinery, buildings, and cattle due to fraudulent foreclosures by the Federal Reserve Banks, in cooperation with the IRS. Many farmers joined forces and brought a class action lawsuit against the U.S. Government, the non-federal Federal Reserve Bank, and the IRS, for fraud against the farmers.

Gesara is coming before the american elections so everything changes, all govt will be stood down, judges and lawyers will be reeducated in the new legal system. All loans have been illegal since 1420AD, so all debt will be forgiven and compensation will be paid to us.

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Image may contain: text that says "2:08 PM Is this Gesara? A lot of people in pension in one area of Austria got these checks and they are real signed with Trump names. Some media screw the truth and used this to say that Trump is feckless and made a mistake when sending these out. Think this was intended. Much love to you and blessings /2000119839789/schecks-mi -trumps-unterschrift-fuer oberoestreichische-pensionisten Olnitra ECONOMIC HESIDENT DONALD IMPORTANT TAX INFORMATION ENCLOSED Schecks mit Trumps Unterschrift für oberösterreichische Pensionisten Schecks über 200 Dollar im Postkasten- Hintergrund möglicherweise Datenpanne"
This is part of the intel from the XRP timeline that was released to the network
Image may contain: text that says "2:46 Write comment... Veronica Londrigan 1d· NESARA GESARA in Australia, my tax bill just got wiped. Internet: Account enquiries: 132866 account balance at23 July 2020 Internet: Account ccountenquiries: enguiries: 132866 verduutaat01 2020 mmediately charge 00:1 $19,989.03DR 中 Like comments share Comment Share Writea comment... FuzzYard"
Image may contain: text that says "11:31 anur ear netweetcu l LTE Der Preuße Parler: @DerPre... @DerPreusse1963 Over the weekend and by Mon 10 Aug. the banks will be notified about starting the debt relief programs. On Sat. 15 Aug. the banks will begin to forgive (zero- out) mortgage debt & credit card debt. #NESARA 3:09 AM 8/9/20 Twitter Web App 58 Retweets 138 Likes 13h"
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Image may contain: 2 people, text that says "Tuese Ahkiong chat 6 hrs 四 Pimpy's Investment Do you see Our Great President's message to Americans? Karen Knoettner @enpoin... 21h Replying to @tiffanyblue1122 and @SantaSurfing Great catch! We love our POTUS comms... many comms in his tweets and now in his hair hair...LOL!"

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