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– Warmonger (Soros Bribed)

John McCain Kills GOP’s Last Ditch Efffort To Repeal Obamacare

Third time turned out to be unlucky after all. Earlier today, Sen. Susan Collins said that she has serious concerns about the latest GOP bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare as Republicans prepare to vote on the legislation next week, adding that she was “leaning against the bill…..



Wall Street Analyst: John McCain Lives In George Soros’ Back Pocket

Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel claims that Senator John McCain is nothing more than a puppet for US billionaire George Soros. According to Ortel, the Republican Arizona Senator and the Clintons have one thing in common – their passion for power games on behalf of Soros…


Trump Makes Huge Move To Stabilize Economy

President Trump has just made a huge move to stabilize the US Economy and eliminate the US Trade deficit. The President has just directed the US Department of Interior to allow drilling for oil in the Arctic Reserve…


Elite Tip Hand In Attempt To Take Down Trump

Welcome to the smartest, most active, and the most loving audience in the world. We started this channel to garnish prayer to change to help save America and stop the coming World Conflict and so far, so good. ==========..