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Watch “Elites – Be Very Afraid” on YouTube

Those who are above the handlers of the Presidents.

Those who run the 13 banking families of this planet (7 Major, 6 Minor)

Council of 45 +1 – be very afraid.

When you put out a Hit on Trump offering $150 Million in Bitcoins to kill President Trump you set in motion a series of events that will mean you either repent or will be dealt with directly by GOD.

Your third tier down FBI Agent in charge of the Dark Web, in coordination with the NSA Agents he works with, just went insane and is now exposing all of your flanks.

When he is brought in for questioning he will tell all – he is an administrator – not a field agent.

He will be easy to identify – working at the Third Tier Down and traveling to either a house or office near Wheeling West Virginia – not hard to track.


Everyone knows that if you kill a Hard Target like a President you too will be killed.

Dead Men Tell No Tales

If you, in any way, incapacitate President Trump then you will release Vice President Pence and he is no Pussy Cat – he did not get to be the governor of Indiana by being Soft in the political world.

He will tear you to pieces or face death himself. You will have cornered a Tiger.

The best Allie you have right now is President Trump. Your attempt on his life on the 22nd – in 11 days – will fail.

Your best bet is to work with him instead of against him or face the wrath of hundreds of US Generals now moving into the Political World through the President’s Make America Great Again Organization.

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Deep State Desperate – Everything Being Exposed — DR WILLIAM MOUNT

Those in the Deep State – the world Leaders in the council of 45 +1 – who are trying to create Chaos world Wide in an attempt to start a Economic Melt Down, Nuclear War and kill 6.5 Billion People are in utter Panic.

Agenda 21 – now Agenda 30 – is still alive and well.

Luke 12;2 – Nothing ii concealed that will not be disclosed
Mathew 10:26 – There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed

Like the Fallen Angels stated – once we have been exposed we must leave the planet.

As the head of the Jesuits stated 15 April 2000 – Hanz Kovlenback – If a Man of GOD stands up to us and challenges our authority we are through, our last strong hold being the United States. Any one who touches that man of GOD will be killed…


DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Another Obama Elite Goes Down


And yet another major Obama Supporter has been put in jail for a very, very long time.

This time attorney Eric ‘CONN” has admitted to committing Fraud against the Social security Department to the tune of around $600 Million Dollars.

That’s allot of chump change.

Apparently Eric Conn has been paying a Judge $10,000 a month and Medical Examiners to lie about the cases in order to win his Social Security Cases.

Eric Conn (Mr. Social Security) is singing like a Canary and admitted to working with retired Social Security Administration Judge David B Daugherty and several doctors (By Name) that submitted thousands of Falsified Medical Documents to the SSA over the course of over a decade.

You want Social Security – go to the CONN man.

In the preliminary Trial it was agreed upon not to remove any of these people who were awarded Social Security during these fraudulent court hearings.

Eric Conn sold his sole to the Devil for a mere $5.7 Million Dollars.

In an article in 2009 Eric Conn is a big  President Obama supporter and had processed 1,246 Social Security Cases in 2008 using 30 Employees – that’s allot of cases – and won all 1,246 cases.

Money Talk – BS Walks

His website is…

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Another Obama Elite Goes Down

DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Russia Cuts Off Funding To Democrats

Welcome to the smartest, most active and one of the largest audiences in the world

You read that correctly – what you are about to see is shocking.

The Democrats have been working with the Chinese and Russians to destroy America. I have a friend who used to go to the same café’s the Democratic Congressman went to and he called me several times to complain about these Democratic Pigs like Teddy Kennedy ad Harry Reid

I told him to record them and send me the tapes but he was in intelligence and a scared little puppy dog.

I can’t blame him for being scared – these Democrats think nothing of killing you.

But there was an energy change at the top a change that can only be understood by reading the Bible and the Seres Agenda by Scott Lemriel.

In the following picture we can clearly see large numbers of democrats schmoozing the Russian ambassador to the US for monetary favors.

Many of these Democrats are requesting Asylum to Russia once they are indicted for Treason to avoid arrest.

No more.

Not only has Russia cut off the Democrats from funding they started feeding them Costco Vodka at the Diplomatic Parties – a real NO NO for the Russian Embassy.


Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Russia Cuts Off Funding To Democrats

DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Senator McCain Pegged As White House Leak

In a recent Sting Operation with General  Michael Flynn – still head of the  Bureau Of Intelligence Research (INR) and National Security Advisor On Contract to the Prez – a series of Fake Stories were released by those in the Oval Office and many of those working for Congress took the bait hook, line and sinker.


Senator John McCain swallowed the fishing pole as well. In a series of Press Briefings he dispersed this FAKE information he could have only gotten by tapping the President’s Personal Telephone Line. He released it as if he had a right to leak these stories since he is a “Senator.”

As soon as it was announced he was busted he took an Emergency Flight to Syria.

This 80 year old Senator Traitor John McCain – who’s massive Arizona Republican Election Fraud won him the elections – has been using his Bully Pulpit to bash President Trump ever since he was elected and it is no wonder he took the bait – traitors always expose themselves…

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Senator McCain Pegged As White House Leak

DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Deadly Flu Sweeps Asia – 40% Human Death Rate

We have discussed this before but new evidence must be brought forward to protect your families.This New H7N9 Bird Flu has spread to over 40 countries, like China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau – anywhere in Asia the Mareks Vaccination was given in Asia. Somebody is going to an awful lot of effort to kill Humans.


The three viruses that seem to be appearing out of nowhere are the:

1) H7N9 that does not make birds sick but kills 40% of all Humans Infected. Out of 1,040 identified with the disease 368 dies – a 38.5% death rate in those who have been identified and given hospital treatments…

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Deadly Flu Sweeps Asia – 40% Human Death Rate

DR WILLIAM MOUNT: More Arrests, More Spy Rings Exposed

Since President Bush took office in 1989 the CIA has been running full steam without any controls on it. The amount of damage they have done to Planet Earth is incalculable. Thank GOD many of these agents are patriots and under President Trump are coming forward in a attempt to stop the annihilation of both the United States and Planet Earth.First – There were 474 people arrested in response to Human Trafficking in California two weeks ago.Second – If you follow the Foreign Supported Black Lives Matters Facebook Pages they plan to start nation wide riots 15 April – in about 2 month. CIA paid protesters will lead these riots nationwide…

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: More Arrests, More Spy Rings Exposed

DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Trump Sworn In As President

Today Donald John Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. And all the left can do is criticize Vice President Pence’s wife’s dress. Now the war begins as protesters in DC, partly funded by Bill Ayes , an admitted Cop Killer, begin all out riots.The next threat to the President is not until on 6 March. There is a difference though between a Threat against Obama and one against the Trumpster…

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Trump Sworn In As President