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COREY GOODE & HIS MIND MELD | Galactic Connection

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There has been a lot of good intel coming from the TV show Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock. This show features information based on the experiences of a former Super Secret Space Program member, Corey Goode.  If you are not watching this show, you might consider it.  I’ve been onboard for a couple of years. Initially, my husband (a PhD scientist) who does not watch TV, balked. “I’m not paying $9.99 a month for an internet TV show!” I just laughed and said, “Ok, watch it for one month with me, on my iPad and if you don’t agree with me, then I’ll watch it by myself again.” He’s now such a huge fan, he’s even bought a large screen TV for our living room, to watch it along with other Gaia network shows.


We attended an event last summer, in Mt. Shasta, about this subject. There were a number of great speakers, including Corey Goode who made his solo debut. At this event, he shared much about his experiences that he had already revealed on the TV show with David Wilcock. However, there was a very significant question and answer segment that was a real eye-opener, for at least one person, me. I saw and felt a dimensional shift. This is not the first time I’ve experienced one, but the first time I saw someone else’s dimensional shift. (I’ve been having them for a few years now!)


Corey was explaining how he came to be involved in the release of information about the Secret Space Program (SSP). He took questions about his experiences recalling his “discovery” of memories of who he was in the SSP and why they even bother with “blank slating” a member of the program. Blank slating it a term to explain that your memories have been erased, much like you may have seen in the movie Men in Black where something happens that is “outside” of normal experiences, and the secret agents use a laser like device aimed at your forehead to make you forget (although that’s not what happens in reality).


By now you are probably wondering if he was blank-slated, how did he remember his SSP days? He went to the eye doctor, with a detached retina, and the doctor said, “You have astronaut’s eyes! You are far too young to have this problem.” After the surgery to correct it, the nurse relayed to him later that he was really talkative when he was coming out of anesthesia. “What did I say?” he wondered.  She said, “Well all this work you were doing off-planet, and what you were doing in this special program you were in.” This was the beginning of the memory spillout…


Source: COREY GOODE & HIS MIND MELD | Galactic Connection

(216) Kevan Trimmell Debut The Contact & SSP Timeline 5June2017

Published on 7 Jun 2017

Pre-contact period with SSP

(December 2007 – November 2008)


In December 2007, I started meditating
for the first time in earnest, having
studied ancient history and philosophy
as a teenager.

Around my 19th birthday I began not
only to feed my mind with philosophy,
I also started cleaning up my physical
body and transitiong towards a high
vibrational diet.

Detoxifaction and DNA activation is
actually the solution to many of the
dark programs that are running out
there. After I got into the health
movement and started cleansing, I
eventually got into the alchemy side
of things and the ORME. Understanding
the ORME and the natural occuring Ormus
substances is how one would take things
to the next level in terms of DNA

Little did I know that feeding one’s
light body in a very real way, without
the greater knowledge of Exopolitics to
keep you safe, is how I showed up on
their radar.

Hi Denny. I came across your Youtube
channel about a week ago and I have
found your interviews to be quite

The reason I’m reaching out to you is
because I have been thinking about going
public with my own experience regarding
the SSP, however, until now I haven’t
found a host who I would feel comfortable
enough with in order to share my

Your energy is very sincere and grounded,
and I notice that your very professional
and always treat your guests with respect.
I feel like I could talk to you about the
things that I remember without feeling
nervous about where the conversation could
go on the part of the host.

Here is a little background information on
me and how I came to remember my other life:

My name is Kevin, I’m 28 years old, and
I live in Ontario, Canada. On November
12th 2008 I was bicycling in a forest
close to where I live. I stopped for a
break and thought a cloud had passed
overhead and blocked out the sun. I was
shocked when I looked up and saw a
greyish-white triangle shaped craft
(like the typical TR-3B) except it was
greyish-white not black. It was hovering
only a few hundred feet above the

Instead of feeling panic, I felt a strange
sense of calm come over me. The craft was
moving overhead at a walking pace (only a
few kms per hour) and so I followed it for
several minutes walking my bicycle as I
continued starring up at it (that’s how
slow it was moving) and then when I reached
the end of the trail where the forest
opened up into a field the craft began
to rise up into the air, slowly gaining
altitude until it faded from my vision.
About 3 weeks later, I started recalling
traumatic memories from another life
involving what I would later find out
is the SSP.

I have reason to believe that was the day
I was originally picked up and then dropped
back off (I was 19 at the time about to
turn 20 on December 22nd of that year).

However, the blank slating started to break
down almost immediately. I think this is
due to my blood-type being O +. I have
since found out that people with + blood
who are used in the program tend to
remember things a lot better and can’t be
reprogrammed as easily, hence the blank
slating only lasted a few weeks for me.

I am currently working on a journal in
order to create a timeline of my
experiences just like Tony Rodrigues
recommended doing, and so far I have
found this to be quite helpful in terms
of organizing my thoughts and memories
in a way that will allow me to stay on
point if I were to be interviewed. I’m
still in the process of doing that, and
I’m guessing it may take me a few more
weeks to write everything down.

Anyways, that’s a little about me. When
I complete my timeline I was wondering
if we could do an interview via Skype.

If for whatever reason you don’t wish
to interview me, I understand completely.
Thanks so much for the awesome work you’ve
been doing, it really does make a difference,
especially for people like me.


-Kevin Trimmel

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Wife of Secret Space Program Whistleblower Emerges with Corroborating Eyewitness Testimony » Exopolitics

Corey Goode’s wife Stacy has stepped forward to give her first public interview where she describes her own personal experiences pertaining to Corey’s claims of having served in multiple secret space programs. Her testimony is very significant since it provides an eyewitness account of events that directly relate to Corey’s claims of having served on up to three “20 and back programs” with multiple secret space programs.

In the interview released today by Teresa Yanaros on her Divine Frequency Youtube channel, Stacy discusses how she first met Corey in 1990, and the events that led to their marriage in 1993. In an early hint of what lay ahead, she vividly describes a UFO incident she saw with Corey along with other witnesses, including a pilot who confirmed the UFOs were not aircraft.

Stacy revealed that Corey told her early in their marriage about remembering having served on a “20 and back” secret space program. This is significant since Corey has said that when he was returned back in time from 2007 to 1986, and age regressed back to 16 years of age, that he remembered most of his experiences with the Solar Warden program that had been established by the U.S. Navy.

Stacy says that after their marriage Corey went on to establish himself in the Information Technology (IT) industry where he eventually was earning well over $100,000 a year. This corroborates Corey’s testimony that he was very successful in his IT career before going public with his claims. His resume is available online and lists many companies where he worked as an IT expert, which can be confirmed by investigators.

Stacy described how in 2013 the “normal life” they had established for themselves and their two children dramatically changed. Corey had an accident where he experienced a detached retina that required surgery. After the surgery procedure, Corey experienced “total recall” where in addition to his “20 and back” service with the Navy’s Solar Warden program, he recalled two more “20 and back” terms of duty with space programs that had much darker agendas.

Corey’s memories were very traumatic, as he recalled the terrible things he had been forced to do in an “intercept and interrogate program” involving extraterrestrial visitors. Stacy says that the recovered memories so traumatized Corey that he became suicidal.

That is when Corey says he had his encounter with personnel from a Mayan Secret Space Program who helped heal him from the memories. Stacy describes in detail the night when the encounter happened at their duplex Texas home. She walked into the meeting Corey was having and saw it. She described throwing up her hands and saying, “I am not seeing this, I do not want to see this,” then turned around and left.

The next morning, recalling something strange had happened that night, she asked Corey about it. He told her about the incident, and she then remembered what had happened. Stacy’s eyewitness account of seeing the Mayan Secret Space program personnel helping Corey is very significant since it shows that Corey is not hallucinating or making up his stories of encounters with the Mayans, secret space program personnel and extraterrestrial visitors.

Stacy went on to describe physical evidence she encountered of spacecraft landing in her Texas backyard and abducting/taking Corey. She says she saw physical evidence of a craft of some kind landing which had landing pads that formed a triangular shape, and footprints leading up and from where the craft had landed.

Stacy’s eyewitness account of physical evidence showing a craft of some kind landing in her backyard corroborates Corey claims of being regularly abducted/taken by a US Air Force Secret Space program investigating his claims of serving in a “20 and back program” with an alleged US Navy program called Solar Warden.

Stacy Goode’s eyewitness testimony is very important for all investigating the secret space program claims of Corey Goode since it is very credible and admissible in a court of law. Her direct experiences is evidence that Corey is not contriving his stories and that he was thrust into the public limelight after being unwillingly outed by others who did not respect his wishes for anonymity.

I have been investigating Corey Goode’s disclosures since March 2015, and in all that time have found no credible evidence that he is fabricating his claims. On the contrary, I find him very consistent, honest and a credible eyewitness of extraordinary events whose testimony is supported by leaked documents, multiple whistleblower testimony and circumstantial evidence, as I have detailed in two books (see here and here). Stacy’s eyewitness testimony needs to be seriously considered by all still unsure about the veracity of Goode’s secret space program claims.

Source: Wife of Secret Space Program Whistleblower Emerges with Corroborating Eyewitness Testimony » Exopolitics

Cosmic Disclosure: Boyd Bushman’s Deathbed Testimonial – Sphere-Being Alliance

Season 7, Episode 21

admin    23 May 2017

s7e21_boyd_bushmans_deathbed_testimonial_16x9.jpgDavid Wilcock: All right. Welcome to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock. I’m here with Corey Goode, our insider’s insider. And in this episode, we have some rare footage from a now deceased insider from Lockheed Martin, none other than Boyd Bushman.

So, Corey, welcome to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: All right. So here’s our first excerpt of an interview that we did not shoot with Boyd Bushman, but is public domain, fair use on the Internet. And given the importance and what we talk about on this show, it’s well worth watching. Let’s check it out.

* * * * * *


Boyd Bushman: My name is Boyd Bushman. I’m a senior scientist from Lockheed Martin. I have 27 patents.

1 Boyd Bushman

Approximately 13 years ago, I ran across a person who had been given a job by Dr. Teller.

2 Dr Edward Teller

Dr. Teller was Oppenheimer’s right-hand man.

3 J Robert Oppenheimer

And even after Oppenheimer was thrown out of Area 51, Dr. Teller stayed there and was in charge of several programs.

The person that I contact twice to three times per month is the head of that program now, and they continually update me on everything they possibly can. I do have a top secret clearance.

I choose, however, for their purposes, not to use it because they – the intelligent ones of me and me – actually believe that a great deal of information should be lifted up from those dark recesses of Area 51 and moved over so people can see it.

So that’s what began about 13 years ago.

Since I am a scientist, I do not believe in theory. I basically, say, “Follow the data; theory be damned.” If something can’t verify by a physical test that something is true, then I do not care to accept it in that [information] that I present.

Therefore, everything we present here will be data that comes directly from them, through me, to you…


Source: Cosmic Disclosure: Boyd Bushman’s Deathbed Testimonial – Sphere-Being Alliance

(17) Cloning Stations and The Future of Humanity: Hidden Knowledge and the Secret Space Program

Published on 13 May 2017…
Cloning Stations and The Future of Humanity

In 2010 I was informed the Antarctic cloning center is not present on this timeline and was effectively ‘closed’ or erased from existence years ago.
Let us focus on the possibility that the so-called “cloning stations” are actually on an alternate timeline or are in the future.
These beings then, that are witnessed there as well as throughout certain areas of the world where vortex energy is present, are actually from another parallel reality where humanity long since degraded or was taken over.
These beings would represent a holographic extension of the human that has become modified or transmogrified due to an over-excitation of the reptilian brain through the fight or flight predatory sense as well as the lower instinctual emotional and sensual desires such as sex and the ingestion of other beings or their own kind.
These sightings and interactions would not necessarily be current, but would be the ‘echos’ from a future possibility where humanity was primarily converted into such a civilization of predators and limited psycho-spiritual interactions.
Energy Zones
These areas of the world where most of these interactions occur with this plane would be areas of high vortex energy where information is capable of passing through a transdimensional rift where a mirroring effect occurs and another parallel world reflects onto and influences this world. The generation of small areas of this kind of vortex energy through sacred patterns and devices would enable a greater degree of communication or even contact between the two parallels.
See Chapter 3: The Unveiling, Ancient Hidden Technology, Three Phases of the Unveiling, Phase 1, Celebrity Cloning, Ethics and Moral Corruption, Cloning Centers, Genetic Engineering and Fraud for more information on the replication of the human body, the replication of consciousness and the reality of the soul.
The Militarization of These Zones
These zones were discovered and militarized. This was for safety but ultimately all unchecked aggression is turned against principles of harmony. So this is used to enforce and enable chaos.
I was informed that when the transition begins it will be because of the realization that all military efforts towards controlling the ‘beast’ with aggression and firepower does not work unless there is a strict harmonization principle at play. If this is fought on the level of the parasite, then the parasite is fed by that friction.
Slowly, the military forces will be educated until there is no longer an oppression of Earth, as it was discovered that a major indicator that this parasite has taken hold of a civilization, is that they have a military force that fights itself consistently.
This is strange and confusing at first, but the very idea is that this is a parasite that entangles with the ego and so this quickness to aggression and the disharmony that is brought is actually food for the parasite.
Could the parasite be ego?
Chapter 2.7: Covert Invasion, Hybridization and Assimilation
Post-Apocalyptic Simulation or Timeline Convergence
In 2010 the event was organized so that my consciousness was sent to the future and this was to a possible timeline of humanity after Armageddon had occurred. The major changes began around 2012 for this timeline. We have been jumped multiple times and I was informed that the majority of this timeline and natural environment is actually being propagated by advanced technology that is capable of holographically creating this local-environment. The 1990’s was the last of the initial organic timeline, at least for this period of civilization. I was informed we are moving through transitory periods and are returning to a stabilized trajectory through this 2016-2020 period.
The only people existing were those celebrities, politicians, scientists, athletes, authors, producers, inventors, military officers, secret society members, essentially the ‘elite’ who separate themselves into a class of their own in the current time.
This event occurs any time the parameters for this society move out of sync with a viable blueprint for long-term existence. In short, as soon as a few key details move out of alignment, very quickly there is a decline and a collapse. This degradation happens continuously, and continuously events are altered to avoid this occurrence.
There are teams of temporal operatives who’s only mission is to prevent this ‘timewave’ collapse from reaching the present moment and thus the physical reality at any cost necessary.
This is part of why I inform you that these special operations have literally stopped the destruction of the universe many times over. As well, there has been great acts of war.