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(35) “Republic ALERT: Operation Sand Paper, NOW ACTIVATED!” – One Who Knows – 5.15.17 – YouTube

Published on 15 May 2017


NOTICE is hereby given to all “Residents of the Republic of The United States.”

There are Cabal activities currently in operation that are considered an ACT of TREASON against the Republic.

These parties are spreading malicious rumors that NESARA/GESARA does not exist and that they were the creators of these programs.

By the Powers of the Standing Republic Of The United States, it is here by decreed that these parties be apprehended and cease their Treasonous activates.

This is a Call to Action by the Light Workers to not only counter this harmful disinformation, but to report all Websites where this information is being posted.

We need the Web URL, the web master if available and the Post including the posters screen name for evidence.

If you have any personal information of the perpetrators of this Crime against the Good Standing of the Republic, please send the information ASAP.

Acts of this nature will not be tolerated.


Please send all your leads to

He will forward your leads to me for “Handling”

This is “Operation Sand Paper” and all leads should, marked as such.

To The Light Workers, Thank You For your assistance on this matter.

To The Trolls & Minions, Cease and Desist your Treasonous activities.


Signed: One Who Knows

(17) Cloning Stations and The Future of Humanity: Hidden Knowledge and the Secret Space Program

Published on 13 May 2017…
Cloning Stations and The Future of Humanity

In 2010 I was informed the Antarctic cloning center is not present on this timeline and was effectively ‘closed’ or erased from existence years ago.
Let us focus on the possibility that the so-called “cloning stations” are actually on an alternate timeline or are in the future.
These beings then, that are witnessed there as well as throughout certain areas of the world where vortex energy is present, are actually from another parallel reality where humanity long since degraded or was taken over.
These beings would represent a holographic extension of the human that has become modified or transmogrified due to an over-excitation of the reptilian brain through the fight or flight predatory sense as well as the lower instinctual emotional and sensual desires such as sex and the ingestion of other beings or their own kind.
These sightings and interactions would not necessarily be current, but would be the ‘echos’ from a future possibility where humanity was primarily converted into such a civilization of predators and limited psycho-spiritual interactions.
Energy Zones
These areas of the world where most of these interactions occur with this plane would be areas of high vortex energy where information is capable of passing through a transdimensional rift where a mirroring effect occurs and another parallel world reflects onto and influences this world. The generation of small areas of this kind of vortex energy through sacred patterns and devices would enable a greater degree of communication or even contact between the two parallels.
See Chapter 3: The Unveiling, Ancient Hidden Technology, Three Phases of the Unveiling, Phase 1, Celebrity Cloning, Ethics and Moral Corruption, Cloning Centers, Genetic Engineering and Fraud for more information on the replication of the human body, the replication of consciousness and the reality of the soul.
The Militarization of These Zones
These zones were discovered and militarized. This was for safety but ultimately all unchecked aggression is turned against principles of harmony. So this is used to enforce and enable chaos.
I was informed that when the transition begins it will be because of the realization that all military efforts towards controlling the ‘beast’ with aggression and firepower does not work unless there is a strict harmonization principle at play. If this is fought on the level of the parasite, then the parasite is fed by that friction.
Slowly, the military forces will be educated until there is no longer an oppression of Earth, as it was discovered that a major indicator that this parasite has taken hold of a civilization, is that they have a military force that fights itself consistently.
This is strange and confusing at first, but the very idea is that this is a parasite that entangles with the ego and so this quickness to aggression and the disharmony that is brought is actually food for the parasite.
Could the parasite be ego?
Chapter 2.7: Covert Invasion, Hybridization and Assimilation
Post-Apocalyptic Simulation or Timeline Convergence
In 2010 the event was organized so that my consciousness was sent to the future and this was to a possible timeline of humanity after Armageddon had occurred. The major changes began around 2012 for this timeline. We have been jumped multiple times and I was informed that the majority of this timeline and natural environment is actually being propagated by advanced technology that is capable of holographically creating this local-environment. The 1990’s was the last of the initial organic timeline, at least for this period of civilization. I was informed we are moving through transitory periods and are returning to a stabilized trajectory through this 2016-2020 period.
The only people existing were those celebrities, politicians, scientists, athletes, authors, producers, inventors, military officers, secret society members, essentially the ‘elite’ who separate themselves into a class of their own in the current time.
This event occurs any time the parameters for this society move out of sync with a viable blueprint for long-term existence. In short, as soon as a few key details move out of alignment, very quickly there is a decline and a collapse. This degradation happens continuously, and continuously events are altered to avoid this occurrence.
There are teams of temporal operatives who’s only mission is to prevent this ‘timewave’ collapse from reaching the present moment and thus the physical reality at any cost necessary.
This is part of why I inform you that these special operations have literally stopped the destruction of the universe many times over. As well, there has been great acts of war.