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This is galactic and dimensional politics.

Researchers just found water ice inches below Mars’ surface

Future crewed missions to Mars will be easier if astronauts can use water that’s already on the Red Planet without having to bring it from Earth. Scientists know that there’s ice beneath the martian surface. But how deep underground would astronauts have to dig to get it?..


US Navy Regards Electromagnetic Propulsion & Tesla Shield Patents as Operable

The US Navy has for the second time in a year intervened to support a patent application for an exotic propulsion system technology lodged by one of its employees, Dr. Salvator Pais, which had been rejected by the US Patent and Trademark Office…


The MARS Pictures – Official Photos Reveal Secrets Of Mars Anomalies

The MARS Pictures – Official Photos Reveal Secrets Of Mars AnomaliesWhat has been going on with MARS? Are their relics and ruins and extra-terrestrials walking around in front of NASA cameras? There’s a lot of weird stuff on MARS and we’d like you to see for yourself!Please subscribe!- – – – – – – -..