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This is galactic and dimensional politics.

QAnon Goes Mainstream at Trump Rally while Tripcodes Point to Exopolitics Books

President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” rally in Tampa, Florida on July 31 saw many attendees bearing QAnon shirts and signs, and even had the President approvingly point to someone carrying a QAnon sign…



Mars Sandstorms

Sand storms being reported on Mars are most likely energy winds coming from galactic centre. Earth’s Van Allen belt should reduce any impact here – but watch for increased weather interruption in August and September…


Message to the Illuminati, Club of Rome and Vatican

Careful of what you are doing, as this will definitely be your power bloodlines final eternal life existence if you do not listen to this warning, as you need to immediately right your wrongs! As I have said, this is Mother of All ‘s Body, and we must respect Her…