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– #AlienLife 57,000 species inhabit the Verse(Universes). Extra-terrestial, Extra-dimensional, ET/ED/IT/ID, Galactic, #DIMENSIONALS, #gods.

World Unites Against Vile Left

Everything you do on Google, Every Email you send is saved, categorized and sold to the highest bidder. Everything you post on The Cloud is saved, categorized and sold to the highest bidder by Google…..



#Transhumanist, Dr. James Giordano, Traitor to Humanity? A Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot

Please do visit REVERSE SPEECH in the CIA READING ROOM. Click The Shield Below–  This is an RSA on Dr. James Giordano who is a proponent of #Transhumanism and appears to be heading up the targeting of, experimental torture, mind control, A.I…


FBI “Fake Bomb” Informant Becomes Latest Character In American Horror Story

Note: This is a private letter intended for the sole and exclusive use of the patron/donors to the Sisters of Sorcha Faal. One of the most defining traits of the American people unique to them among any other people in the world is that they absolutely love to be scared out of their wits!..