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PEDOGATE / PIZZAGATE Confirmed In Very Disturbing WikiLeaks Email!

Plain as day what’s going on when you analyze all the emails, despite the horrific implications. And every day the administration keeps all these high-level people seemingly free from investigation and incarceration- how many more children might get Ubered over to John Podesta’s place in the meantime? 😦

Core Pizzagate Evidence- In 5 Minutes. Watch here:

SHARE. The media is not only refusing to look into these WikiLeaks from John Podesta’s hacked emails, they are trying to convince the public this is yet another case of Fake News. They are actively attempting to wallpaper over a massive scandal, and children’s lives are at stake. Enough is enough.

This video is how I push back. WE all must speak up on this, though.

-David Seaman
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The Truth About Alex Jones, Infowars, & The Trump Family

The truth about Alex Jones, and why we need to continue supporting the Trump family despite emerging minor disagreements on policy. My recent Infowars interview, thank you Infowars team and viewers- (post right at the top has the video interview embedded! Fulcrum is our 100% ad-free and registration-free real news platform)

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