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Who Were The Knights Templar?

This group – often said to be nine in number – had the mandate of protecting Christian pilgrims who were en route to the Holy Land to visit the shrines sacred to their faith.

Somewhere between the years of AD 1118 – 1120, King Baldwin II granted the group quarters in a wing of the Royal Palace on the Temple Mount (the Al Aqsa Mosque).

It has been generally accepted that, for the first nine years of their existence, the Templars – as they came to be known – consisted of nine members.

Although it has been widely speculated that the Templars wished to keep it this way to cover their secret mission of digging for buried treasure on the Temple Mount, the simple fact remains that the lifestyle adopted by the Order was not to everyone’s taste.

As such, the Templars had difficulty in recruiting members to their cause in the early years.

In the year 1127 the Cistercian abbot, Bernard of Clairvaux, wrote a rule of order for the Templars that was based on his own Cistercian Order’s rule of conduct. Additionally, Bernard did a great deal to promote the Templars…

Source: Who Were The Knights Templar?

I-85 Investigator Gunned Down — DR WILLIAM MOUNT

dr-william-mount21111111Trihn Huynh – an attorney that specializes in Construction and works for UPS – was gunned down yesterday by a paid assassin and it was caught on camera.This means that the Assassin’s Eye Prints have been captured and the Atlanta Police have already identified him – but are not working to arrest him.
Shame on you Atlanta Police – you need a new chief who will arrest these thugs. It also means that the shooter will be paid, and then killed. Dead men tell no tales. So what happened you may ask????…

via I-85 Investigator Gunned Down — DR WILLIAM MOUNT

The Plane Truth ~ Deep State, Deep Players and Who is Behind Donald Trump? with Jim Willie

Published on 31 Mar 2017

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Secret Knights Templar Tunnels Discovered Under Field in U.K. | Stillness in the Storm

The Knights Templar, sometimes referred to as the Order of Solomon’s Temple, were a Catholic military organization which fought many battles in the Crusades, protected pilgrims, and served as a form of financial institution throughout the Holy Roman Empire. Many mysteries and conspiracy theories exist surrounding the Templars, and they are often described as a secret society or tied to Freemasonry and Illuminati theories.

by Brett Tingley, March 9th, 2017

Knights Templar: proving war is a racket since 1139.

After watching YouTube video about Knights Templar legends including hidden bases throughout the U.K., (full of ominous music, no doubt), Birmingham resident and photographer Michael Scott set out on a quest to locate the legendary hiding places in nearby Shropshire county. What he discovered in dense woodlands was a 700-year old system of sandstone caverns, tunnels, and hiding places that are believed to have been a hidden Knights Templar sanctuary. The tunnels’ exterior entrances were scarcely big enough for a man to fit through and were thought to be rabbit holes…

An entrance to the tunnels.
Historians believe the original purpose of the secret tunnels was to protect pilgrims from thieves and roadside bandits on their way to Jerusalem. The tunnels are full of sanctuaries and were likely also used as places of worship. Local rumors suggest that the tunnels have also been used in more recent centuries by druids and for pagan rituals on solstices and Halloween.
Looks like a fine place for some dark magic if you ask me.

The Knights Templar fell out of the graces of King Philip IV of France in the early fourteenth century and were eventually disbanded by Pope Clement V in 1312. Nevertheless, many conspiracy theories and pop culture tropes keep the memory and legacy of the Knights Templar alive. In 2014, a massive crop circle-like formation appeared outside the Knights’ 12th-century headquarters in nearby Coventry, sparking speculation that the Knights might be planning a comeback. Is the discovery of these tunnels another sign that the Knights Templar are going to be reactivated to restore some iron-fisted order to whatever weird reality we seem to have slipped into over the past year? Let’s hope so. I don’t think Superman’s coming to save us this time.

Source: Secret Knights Templar Tunnels Discovered Under Field in U.K. | Stillness in the Storm

UPDATED: Jim Willie – Parts 1+2+3 Power struggle of Trump’s Knights templar vs the sick pedophilia satanic NWO

Jim Willie Part 1/3: Power struggle of Trump’s Knights templar vs the sick pedophilia satanic NWO

Jim Willie 2/3: Dead U.S bonds, U.S stabilisation fund, NWO Geo engineering, Monsanto, Depopulation

Published on 4 Mar 2017

 Jim Willie 3/3: This sh*t storm is just getting started

Published on 5 Mar 2017

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The Occult Meaning of NASA’s Exoplanet Discovery? “Trappist” = Partial Disclosure Reference? – YouTube

Published on 24 Feb 2017

“Trappist”…might be the sign of a trap?

Knights Templar & Trappist History –


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GoldFish Report No. 77 [2-11-17]… “POTUS Update Week 4 with Kent Dunn” | Kauilapele’s Blog

Published on Feb 11, 2017
On GoldFish Report No. 77 , our Drain the Swamp- Week 4 POTUS Review with Kent Dunn discusses the the Executive Orders that will lead to ‘A New Era of Justice” according to POTUS that includes Child Trafficking, Drug and other crime cartels, and other EO developments. From the mass arrests to the fallout of the 9th Circuit Court’s decision on the Visa Ban to the visit of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and developments in the China-USA-Japan relationship. Also POTUS announcement of the Global Currency Revaluation, security breach in Yemen and other actions the Trump cabinet are taking to Drain the Swamp and much more…

Source: GoldFish Report No. 77 [2-11-17]… “POTUS Update Week 4 with Kent Dunn” | Kauilapele’s Blog