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– DEMONSIONALS, Reptilian Demonic Entities, parasitic infections, demonic possession.

Will there be a sudden, earth-shattering “event” like so many predict?

For thousands of years, monotheism has predicted some sort of earth-changing event.  Some call it the end times, others a rapture, and others the return (or arrival) of the Messiah…


Reversals Produce Loosh – Abuse of Power and Inverted Systems

Reversal Networks are designed to invert systems of energy within any structure for the purpose of redistribution, in order to siphon energy. As a result of the worldwide system inversion, these reversals impact everything that we see, every structure that we interact with on the material plane…


James Gilliland 5-17-19… “Ascension Wave Backlash”

I felt this message (received today via email) was significant enough to be posted. I know of many who have been / are going through “stuff, stuff, and more stuff”, and I know that, personally, I’ve had to deal with my own “stuff, stuff, and more stuff”…


We Fight Not Agaist Flesh And Blood

THE ENEMY AMERICA NOW FACES ========== The Enemy America Now Faces Comes From Within The two sides of the Same Coin, both being currently being funded by the SECRO Corporation through the GSA and the CIA are 1) Democratic Supported National Socialists (NAZI FASCISTS) Slave Supporters.