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– Ascension Energy Wave/Blast/Cosmic Rays/Charged Particles/Vibrations.

Kp Message 6-24-19… “The Energies as I’m ‘Sensing’ them, now… Apocalypse, Completion, Resolution”

“Resolution energies” are what I’m getting at the moment. That’s what’s “flying around” the planet currently. Along with these are what I would call, “Apocalypse” (unveiling) energies, as well as “Completion energies”…


Eric Raines, 6-19-19… “A Major Gateway Has Broken Open”

This is a very timely message from Eric. And it points out what we can do to make it through this “chaotic” time. One moment at a time. “Things are shifting incredibly quickly right now…


Kp Message 6-22-19… “Addressing the ‘Change Items’”

My current, in this moment, “sense” is that there are many strong undercurrents of transformation going on around this planet and through this planet. The undercurrents are transforming things that, for many of us, including myself, are “not in my personal arena to pay any attention to”…


James Gilliland 5-17-19… “Ascension Wave Backlash”

I felt this message (received today via email) was significant enough to be posted. I know of many who have been / are going through “stuff, stuff, and more stuff”, and I know that, personally, I’ve had to deal with my own “stuff, stuff, and more stuff”…


Eric Raines (FB page) 5-6-19… “Energy Update… Dissolution of quarantine barriers and protocols are beginning”

Found this article to be illuminating (and heartening) in many ways. Besides what he presents here, it also connects with (validates) the work many of us have been doing, on a variety of vibrational levels, to adjust and/or alter the Energy profile of the planet so these changes can take place…