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Kp Message 7-18-19… “Incoming Energies: Illumination, Healing, Empowerment”

Yes… that’s what I just “got”. That is what I’ve been feeling for this recent period of days. I suppose you might switch those words around, but right now, it doesn’t matter. All of these items seem to be happening at the same time…



Kp Message 7-11-19… “The Pause Plain”

There’s a kind of phase I feel I am in that is perhaps best described as a “pause plain”. Like this “pause plain” is someplace that there is not really any significant up or down or any kind of rapid and/or intense movement. I’ve felt this way for several weeks now…


Kp Message : -19 (#2)… “The liberating and re-sovereign-ing of the united states of America is VERY important for the planet” (kind of a global and Cosmic perspective)

This is sort of related to the last post (relating to “inner sovereignty”)…