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#Q #QAnon 12-2-18, posts 2523-2536… “More posts… a few Highlights therefrom” (“The World is about to change”)

Once again, as a couple days ago, my Q Alerts app was going off. There were quite a few of them, and I’m only posting below what “rang my bells” today. Especially noteworthy, I felt, were Q’s remarks about France. [Currently I’m using…



#Q #QAnon 11-20-18, posts 2494 (and 2495)… “D5… Nothing can stop what is coming” [PANIC IN DC]

Well, Q has indeed been away for a week. The first post (2494) hints pretty strongly that the Clinton Foundation is in the cross-hairs. And the hearing is to be held on December 5… that’s a D5, baby!!..