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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Most Exciting Day In History

The news is getting more and more exciting every day as the fight against the Nazhional Zozhallests (NAZI) across the globe intensifies.This is an Exciting Time to be a reporter as we see the forces of Tyranny rolled back across the globe.President Trump – the Rock Of DC – stands firm in his campaign promises as he moves forward against those Elites that would destroy planet Earth.This war between the Knights Templar (Trump) and the Vatican (Roma Pope, NAZI Democrats) over GOD vs. Lucifer has been going on since long before our grandfathers were born. It is now coming to a head ands the leader of this nation with over 65,000 Nuclear Weapons and a Space Fleet say no to their desire to crack this planet in half. In fact, it was the Slave Loving Democrats that started the American Civil War by firing on Fort Sumner over 150 years ago and they were fully supported by the Pope in Rome…

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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Trump Brings Ford Back To America

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


VIDEO:  Trump Brings Ford Back To America – YouTube

That is correct.

He is not even President and look at what he is doing.

Maybe he hired a great PR Firm in New York City like Vladimir Putin did to boost his ratings in America???

Hint, Hint President elect Trump???

We can also take off 100 pounds if you start eating Sea Weed we eat and I can provide it for you – this will be a great PR gig.

In a Major move Ford Motor Company is cancelling the construction of a $1.6 Billion Dollar Plant in Mexico and moving instead to Flint Michigan.

The plant was being built in San Luis Potosi, Mexico but the construction was cancelled a few days ago and the they plan to build a Brand New Manufacturing Facility in Flint, Michigan to build High Tech Autonomous Vehicles and add 700 Jobs to the Michigan Economy.

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