DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Trump Brings Ford Back To America

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


VIDEO:  Trump Brings Ford Back To America – YouTube

That is correct.

He is not even President and look at what he is doing.

Maybe he hired a great PR Firm in New York City like Vladimir Putin did to boost his ratings in America???

Hint, Hint President elect Trump???

We can also take off 100 pounds if you start eating Sea Weed we eat and I can provide it for you – this will be a great PR gig.

In a Major move Ford Motor Company is cancelling the construction of a $1.6 Billion Dollar Plant in Mexico and moving instead to Flint Michigan.

The plant was being built in San Luis Potosi, Mexico but the construction was cancelled a few days ago and the they plan to build a Brand New Manufacturing Facility in Flint, Michigan to build High Tech Autonomous Vehicles and add 700 Jobs to the Michigan Economy.

These “Autonomous Cars” are self driving and have been used by Google Maps now for years to film YOUR streets. You will simply be able to input destinations and the car will drive itself. If the y use our old “Plate Battery” technology we had in the military 30 years ago their rang will be in the upwards of 3,500 miles. More than likely, though,  they will use Old Lithium Ion Batteries and have a range of 100 miles.As you recall – at the end of November Carrier Air Conditioning decided not to move it’s main factory to Mexico and stay in Indiana – saving about 1,000 US Manufacturing jobs.

It appears that Trump’s New Tax Structure will reverse the Satanic NAZI Democratic Policies of the last 40 years and actually send jobs back to America.

Considering that Nongovernmental Car Sales have fallen for the last 8 years – this is a good thing for America.

In other news:

1) Megyn Kelly is leaving FOX News – Yeaaaa.

2) US Senate is now about to repeal Obama Care and reverse the Mandatory Chipping of every American.

3) Like any other nation on Earth – President Elect Donald Trump plans on sending Illegal Aliens back home. This may include Barry Soetorro – or – Barrack Obama as he calls himself – all the way back to Indonesia where his passport says he is from. He never applied for an American Passport.

5) Finally – the Alabama State Supreme Court has ruled a Fetus is alive. Unborn Babies are Humans.


4) Now let us look a look at the US Debt Clock and see what President Trump can do to Make America Great Again:

…a) US Debt – $19 Trillion, which could be reversed by selling some of the US Inc. Owned Stocks and Bonds – totaling over $300 Trillion.

..b) The US Trade Deficit of $800 Billion per year could be erased by allowing US Crude to be sold world wide for about $10 a barrel. You do not trade in US Dollars – the NEW US Dollar you can’t buy our cheap oil.

…c) Individual Credit Card Debt could be reversed overnight, along with Home Mortgage Debt – by the US Selling more stocks and bonds.

…d) The Federal Budget could be paid out of the $12 Trillion Goldman Sachs collected off of the US INC owned stocks and bonds. No more IRS – just line item that Corporation out of existence.

…e) Current Dollar to Gold Ratio is currently at $9,098. If a gun is held to the Bush’s Head and they returned all the gold they stole on 9/11 the US would be one of the richest nation on the planet. If he wishes – we could wrangle Senator Jack Metcalf and his daughter and they would teach us how to grow gold as well.

…f) After 16 years of NAZI Democratic Rule the US Mfg Jobs have gone from 17 Million Manufacturing Jobs to under 12 Million. Apparently this is now being reversed.

…g) Social Security was set up only to pay for Old Age Retirement and those Physically Disabled as a result of a Job Related Injury. If everything else were terminated it would eliminate 90% of the cost of Social Security. Period.

…h) If ALL federal grants were terminated we would see the elimination of almost every Satanic NAZI Democratic Organization established on this planet in the last 60 years.

….I) There are 7 million Convicted Felons in America. If they were ALL sent back to their country of origin we could close 90% of all American Jails. The laws are already in place to do this but the orders from these Satanic NAZI Democrats at the top have stopped this – so let’s use the existing laws and send these Felons home.

j) Finally – Pres Bush Junior and Obama gave away almost $30 Trillion in “Quantitative Easing”  to banks – of which 90% – over $27 Trillion – went into the pockets of the CEO’s and their “Buddies“. Retrieve these Digital Dollars and then – and only then – issue the New US Dollars.

The arrests of these Satanic NAZI Democratic Leaders has already begun and will accelerate as we move into 2017 and War Tribunals are established to stop these Pigs across the planet.

As for President Obama moving – if you wish we can ask several thousand Hells Angels to come and help you pack. I am sure they would be more than willing to throw all your personal goods out the window and prevent any more of our National Treasures from being stolen by your, your doubles, and your Partner Michael the Foot Ball Player.

Would you like me to ask them President Obama Handlers and Cowards?

It will be nice to have a Real Man in the White House after all these Cowards.

Donald Trump actually threw a Satanic NAZI Democrat off of his Golf Course 2 days ago for lying in the press – a sign of things to come for these Lying NAZI reporters.


A note to Trump – please have your food brought into the white House as one of the Cooks – an “Outward Supporter” of yours – actually hates you.

Look into their past very heavily – very, very heavily and read their mind. Offer them full retirement and get them out of the White House ASAP or you may fall ever so slightly ill for a prolonged period of time.

When I was overseas trying to stop this Insane Nuclear War I carried my meals with me. I would buy a loaf of bread, some cheese and meat and Bottled Water and not eat out. After being poisoned once I learned.

My recommendation is to “Retire” all the White House cooks and cater out using your own company.

Put your own refrigerator in your Oval Office, keep a lock on it, have a special staff member stock it, and carry a Pistol like Ronald Reagan did after Vice President Bush had him shot with a Hand Pistol filled with Buck Shot and by GOD – use YOUR own driver, not a Paid White House Employee who can be bribed to drive an injured Reagan around while he was bleeding.

Loyalty is your best asset in an employee President Elect Trump.


Please pray that these Evil Plans set forth by the Satanic NAZIS fail at every corner.

Please also pray for your families. Tonight it will be -30 to -40 in Kalispell Montana – nothing moves at those temperatures.


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount


It will be cold across the nation. Turn your thermostats down to 66 Degrees and you will save allot of money.

An emergency Heating source is necessary where the power goes out allot – like a small wood stove or “Mr. Heater“ with the Oxygen Sensor on it.  Be careful as you also need an additional Oxygen Sensor with these Heating Device for safety.

Also — keep one of your faucets running ever so slowly so your pipes do not freeze and crack. We sill leave the Back Bathroom Cold Water running all night at a trickle.

One advantage of getting older is you drink allot of Tea and Coffee so you use the bathroom all night – nothing freezes then.

This is your channel – YOU ARE making the difference.

Thanks for coming.



Ford Cancels Mexico Move; Will Expand Michigan Plant Instead!



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Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Trump Brings Ford Back To America

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