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The Plane Truth ~ Deep State, Deep Players and Who is Behind Donald Trump? with Jim Willie

Published on 31 Mar 2017

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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Prepare For Huge Economic Changes

We all need to be prepared for what is coming.

Last night, for example, Benjamin Fuldford stated the New US Republic has been reformed and there is a huge monetary change coming as the US Dollar – the Federal Reserve Note – is about to go bust, be eliminated.

He clearly stated that the  Federal Reserve Note will be replaced with a collection of 5-6 foreign currencies.

What we have been told is exactly what Jim Willie (Golden Jackass ) told me – we will see a new US DOLLAR that will be devalued tremendously.

Today we will call the UN Security Council to try and confirm the creation of the New US Republic.

One thing that should be made perfectly clear – the Iraqi Dinar is in such a free fall that it will not be “Revalued” so that we all become Billionaires.

Other things we noted just today were the following:

1) There are floods and freezing in areas temperatures in areas not normally experiences these confidants which are having huge negative effect on crops.

…a) Peru – for example – has had the worst flooding in history. This has destroyed countless acres of crops.

…b) Montana has had it’s worst winter on record in terms of cold and snowfall. Cattle Die Off was intense there.

—c) While Montana is freezing Australia is having it’s hottest year on record. Crop failure has risen due to their use of GMO crops.

2) Due to GMOs and new taxes brought in by the last set of Elite NAZIs Wheat Production in the United States has fallen for the first time in 395 years.

3) For the first time in History the bank of the  Holy Roman Empire – Now called Deutsche Bank – in now operating in the Red. This threatens to take down most of Europe’s Banks due to the interconnectivity of these financial systems.

4) The largest Russian Bank – The Bank Of Russia — had it’s ATMs began spitting out Rubbles at all of it’s ATM Machines. You wolds ask for 1,0000 Rubles and you would get whatever was in the ATM Machine.

The Bank has been hacked and this will accelerate across the Globe

5) Bond yields are flat – indicating a falling economy – due we all know this. All we have to do is go to the mall and see for yourself.

6) The Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB) are experiences huge problems with growing crops. We could solve it for them – but why???

7) Finally – the World Debt Clock keep getting  higher and higher and higher across the Globe. The elites order these Governments to spend money which gets them deeper and deeper in debt…

ENOUGHSource: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Prepare For Huge Economic Changes

US Will Be Forced To Accept A Devalued Domestic Dollar, That’s When The Crisis Hits:Jim Willie

Published on 8 Mar 2017

Today’s Guest: Jim Willie

March 8th: United States will be forced to accept a devalued domestic USDollar (aka the New Scheiss Dollar) which is when the crisis hits… the Trump Admin will have tremendous challenges in setting up a solid industrial base to relieve the $550 billion annual trade deficit, which is the major problem for the nation… any new asset backed USDollar would result in the forfeit of 13,000 tons of gold in the first year from the trade deficit… the USEconomy is the fast moving locomotive heading over the cliff with numerous indicators of steep decline… the US leadership has had for years no initiatives, no direction, and no progress toward remedy or reform of any imbalances or any crisis conditions… the USGovt is dedicated to fraud, corruption, propaganda, and war… the nation can work toward business creation and job growth if it can get past the political squabbles and sabotage and sedition… many juicy topics are included with the fascist theme permeating the entire nation with politics, industry, banking… the Fascist Business Model has been at work since the Clinton Admin… the US nation cannot be fixed in less than 10 years even if very positive moves are made


Gold Trade Note Sighted

(Jim Willie) The Gold Trade Note is gradually coming into view, its form within structured contracts is taking shape as components. the Petro-Dollar has almost completely vanished. The Petro-Yuan is essentially here in its infancy, in rudimentary form. the leap to the Gold Trade Note will be easy, once the pieces are aligned and in place. This new note for usage in secure trade settlement is in the inception process. It will be structured within existing trading vehicles and platforms. The Russians and Chinese appear to be forming the basis for the payment vehicle within the oil trade. Consider it as a formal reflection of the Iran-India gold for oil trade.

Bilateral Oil for RMB Sale + Shanghai Gold Exchange = Gold Trade Note


Examine the many components for the demise of the Petro-Dollar, the fading importance of the USTreasury Bond, the chronically supressed Gold market, and the emerging structure of the oil trade among the Eastern superpowers. Grant Williams lays it out in wonderful style in a recent Zero Hedge article, truly great work. See Zero Hedge (HERE). Take it one step further. The Russians as primary oil producers have the ability to sell oil in RMB terms, accept the Chinese currency and purchase gold at the Shanghai Gold Exchange. Soon the Chinese can better organize their oil purchases from other nations. The vendors can turn around and do the same, convert the RMB into gold in Shanghai. The Petro-Dollar has been effectively replaced with the mechanisms of a Petro-Yuan erected on the Gold table. The Chinese are putting in place a link between oil and gold, once again like before the Bretton Woods Gold Standard was violated by Nixon in 1971. The Gold Standard is emerging, with respect to the oil market…

Source: Gold Trade Note Sighted

Weekly geo-political news and analysis – 13Feb17 – Benjamin Fulford


Posted by benjamin. February 13, 2017. There are intense power struggles taking place in the United States and China these days meaning that big new initiatives for the planet as a whole will have to wait until the dust settles in both countries, Chinese and American sources say.The struggle in the United States is, to simplify things somewhat, between the deep state faction behind Trump and the remnants of the Bush/Clinton deep state apparatus. In China, three main factions are duking it out as part of an elaborate power dance that will produce a new central government line up sometime around the end of March.When these power struggles are over, then we can expect major reforms of the Federal Reserve Board, the United Nations, the IMF, the EU etc. to begin in earnest.Let us start with the US power struggle, which has intensified now that Jeff Sessions has been formally appointed Attorney General. Immediately following his appointment Trump issued an executive order that “re-focuses the Federal Government’s energy and resources on dismantling transnational criminal organizations, such as drug cartels.” As a Pentagon official described it “Trump declared war on the Bushes and Mexican drug cartels.”…

Source: Weekly geo-political news and analysis

Intel: Intel SITREP – 01:00 EST – Friday – January 20, 2017


The Republic is 100% controlled by Russia and China (Elders) in exchange for relieving our national debts and replacing our defaulted USD worldwide with a gold backed TRN/USN.The alternative was a former Soviet Union type implosion and fracture of state assets to foreign bidders.Our military is also now 100% controlled via this same deal due to our 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 military budgets being paid for by the Chinese Elders. So is Israel’s BTW– hence the two state solution imposed on them recently at the end of Obama’s second term.Russia has long held hard evidence against Trump — all of D.C. in fact — and has the ability to release it.

Source: Intel: Intel SITREP – 01:00 EST – Friday – January 20, 2017

News, Rumors and Opinions Late Thursday Afternoon – Gary Larrabee

Published on 19 Jan 2017…

From Recaps Comment Section:

Ralph:  Want to share the following information with all currency holders. At approximately 9:07 a.m. this morning I was informed from a credible source of what may very well be a schedule of events that could be ahead for all U.S. currency holders.

I have no reason to doubt this information, but remember such information DOES NOT ORIGINATE with me………I am simply relaying to the viewing audience what was conveyed to me
The information is as follows:

1. On Friday January 20, 2017 immediately after President-Elect Trump is sworn into office as our new President, all funding for our long awaited R.V. will be activated.

2.During the week-end of Saturday January 21, 2017 to Sunday January 22,2017, President Trump will report to the nation that our currency has adopted the Gold Standard as its source of backing.

3. On Monday January 23, 2017, the exchange process is to begin for all U.S. currency holders.

Let’s all REST IN THE FAITH that the above comes to fruition for us all.