4x Kent Dunns w/Gary Larrabee – Duke of Luxemburg, Dracos, Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Bouvet Island

Shocking News From The Pentagon! Obama’s Chief Advisor Valerie Jarrett’s Real Identity Revealed

Published on 17 Jan 2017


Confirmation of Kent Dunn’s intel on Valerie Jarrett

Kent Dunn: “Important Message to Light Workers and White Knights”! Meet the Fake Valerie Jarrett !!

Published on 17 Jan 2017

bouvet island, south atlantic ocean is cabal island base for attacks on internet. trump. Valerie Jarrett replaced with iranian man. obama is not a light worker.


Kent Dunn: Military to Dismantle Several 3 Letter Agencies if Trump swearing in is Disrupted !!

Published on 16 Jan 2017

Cummings is Warmonger. Directed energy weapon exploded house of cummins assistant. Re Russia Hacking. Military will takeover if Trump assassinated. (Trump was secretly sworn in yesterday). FBI taking down clinton arms network. Weapons cache found. Related image

Draconian Ruler – Head of the Order of the Garter

The duke of luxembourg(Draco) is the real head of the royal order of the garter which rules the planet. Was warned off Trump. Paul ryan too crooked to be trusted. Trump presidency was signed off by the WDS and the chinese, through general dunford. Venus is the gold storage facility for the universe. Fort Knox is storage for alien artifacts. colonies on mars since 1957. new us currency %50 haircut internally.


Kent Dunn: Message From Arcturian Council & Discussion of How this May be Fulfilling Bible Prophecy!!

Published on 15 Jan 2017

Arcturian council states that simon parkes timetable has been sped up. It will all happen this year.

“We are trying to think like god with our human minds.”










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