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ISIS Targets 8,413 Americans – Are You One??? — DR WILLIAM MOUNT

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

VIDEO:  ISIS Targets 8,413 Americans – YouTube

Were tracking a news story that is almost 9 months old yet somehow was covered up by most of the media.

Fox News had a tiny story on this but then it too was covered up.

Apparently a group stating it represented ISIS – A US Funded Terrorist Group – put out a Hit List of 8,413 Americans and listed their Names and Addresses on Facebook.

Now we follow the news pretty closely but this one – this one was very hidden – we missed it.

In previous posts we stated the “Crowley List” of all FBI and CIA Agents names, addresses and phone numbers was already released again

Further – the Veteran’s Administration sells lists of all Active Duty and Reserve Military Personnel – including names, addresses, Social security Numbers and full medical records for grants form around the world – something we have been trying to stop since 2005.

What this means is that – for Example – General Dunford’s – Head of the US Joint Chief’s Of Staff – has already had his name, address, phone number, medical information and family records sold around the world for grant moneys.

So all one must do is pay off a University Professor at a Medical School – say in China (Or Saudi Arabia) – and the VA will send their list in exchange for a – say – $100,000 Grant for studying Cancer.

More than likely the FBI and CIA do the same thing. This is why the Crowley List is so available – Traitors from within.

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