DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Trigger Pulled For Economic Collapse

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Video: Trigger Pulled For Economic Collapse – YouTube

The trigger for the economic collapse has been pulled, just like we stated 1 ½ years ago in another  Intel Brief: “””When the Gold and Silver Delivery Stops the economy will come crashing down.”””

The trigger was pulled about 36 hours ago when Deutch Bank – the bank of the Holy Roman Empire and Lucifer – announced they refuse to deliver Physical Gold.

“Xetra-Gold” is Deutch Bank’s gold trading subsidiary and solely owned by Deutch Bank.

“Xetra-Gold (Deutch Bank)  told it’s customers to sell their Paper Gold and go onto the open market and buy gold. They will not honor their Paper Gold Contracts.

This is the signal  that all “Paper Gold” world wide is absolutely worthless – it has $0.00 value. These banks have been selling Paper Gold world wide without ever intending to honor their contracts.

Please keep in mind the New York Stock Exchange is 65% Run By Artificial Intelligence so it may never fall – or it may fall – but the world may fall around those on Wall Street meaning their ‘Paper Money“ will no longer be used world wide..

So let us see what else they are throwing at us:

1) Hanjin Shipping – the 7th largest shipping company in the world – had  Bankruptcy forced upon it,

What this mean is that the World Wide Supply Chain may be interrupted for about 3 months as these ships literally sit in the harbor filled and unable to unload products – like an alternator for a Chevy s-10 Pick up, or a light bulb for your house.

Hanjin ships enormous amounts of “Stuff” to the West Coast and is responsible for the shipping on all Military Products make in, or contracted out of, South Korea

No Spare Parts – no World War.

Hanjin also ships an enormous amount of Car Parts to the US and to Europe. No new Alternator of Sensor  your car cannot go forward, right????

Combine this with ships demanding payment in things other than US Dollars and we have a really interesting situation developing.

China, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Etc.  producing huge amounts of goods and no place to sell them.

2) We have already seen that the US Mint has stopped making American Silver Eagles – meaning if you own a “Paper Silver” you also have worthless paper.

3) Bank of Japan is missing 9 Trillion Yen – or about $80 Billion Dollars???

4) Germany is breaking away from the West and conducting business in Non-US Dollars and may pull away from the Euro Nations. That attempt at World War 3 on 22 August really made some waves world wide.

5) Benjamin Fulford has just released a Deck of Cards stating that these people on the Deck will be arrested or are to be killed and the reward for killing them is 1 Ton of gold. The Gold may be picked up and the in Hong Kong or Singapore. If these people have a problem with this then they may contact the White Dragon Society Directly.

Apparently the US Corporate attempt to initiate World War 3 on 22 August really angered the rest of the world.

a) President George Bush Senior
b) President George Bush Junior
c) David Rockefellar
d) Ettienne D’Avignon
f) David De Rothchilds
g) Donald Rumsfield
h) President Bill Clinton
i) Hillary Clinton
j) Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu
k) Victoria Nuland
l) Mario Draghi
m) Haruhiko Kurado
n) President Barrack Obama


We may see a host of bad economic news

This Lack of Gold Delivery is supposed to cause the fall of the Euro by around 90%

Next – about two weeks later – the Dollar will rise and rise and then vanish as other nation turn to other currencies to settle their international debt

We may then get a new US Treasury Dollar that will dump to around 10% of it’s value world wide.

This is supposed to signal World War 3 – but the US has already tried to do this and it has failed to materialize.

No sane individual demands a Full Scale Nuclear War, right???
Just be ready folks –

Pray your family is ready ,…. We knew this day would come and our desire is that your family not suffer – this is what GOD wants – so we ask you to be ready to the best of your ability and let GOD do the rest….

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Hanjin Shipping – ships at port have been sealed…

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*Breaking: US Mint Halts Silver Eagle Coin Production Due to Lack of Demand | Silver Doctors

BenjaminFulford : Gold reward offered for the capture of Khazarian gangsters.

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Trigger Pulled For Economic Collapse


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