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“Unplugged” – Intel SITREP – 02:00 EST – Tuesday – February 21, 2017 ~ Intel

The proverbial geopolitical, military, diplomatic and financial plugs were all pulled over the weekend.The cabal is officially off of life support. Unplugged from relevance if you will.Whatever remaining oxygen left in their their lungs was gut punched away–at once–and their breathing machines removed–also at once–also over the weekend. Several final and decisive death blows were made, successfully, specially at the United Nations, Knesset and our own US Congress.The accumulation of those blows leaves no option but total surrender or full extermination for remaining cabal leaders–and in the shortest order possible.The saying, “If you want peace, prepare for war” has never been so true given what transpired in just the past few days. They pulled the band aid off folks…

Source: “Unplugged” – Intel SITREP – 02:00 EST – Tuesday – February 21, 2017 ~ Intel

Intel: Intel SITREP – 01:00 EST – Friday – January 20, 2017


The Republic is 100% controlled by Russia and China (Elders) in exchange for relieving our national debts and replacing our defaulted USD worldwide with a gold backed TRN/USN.The alternative was a former Soviet Union type implosion and fracture of state assets to foreign bidders.Our military is also now 100% controlled via this same deal due to our 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 military budgets being paid for by the Chinese Elders. So is Israel’s BTW– hence the two state solution imposed on them recently at the end of Obama’s second term.Russia has long held hard evidence against Trump — all of D.C. in fact — and has the ability to release it.

Source: Intel: Intel SITREP – 01:00 EST – Friday – January 20, 2017

5 Stories Americans Missed While Media Obsessed Over the Inauguration | Stillness in the Storm


(Matt Agorist) On Friday’s inauguration, and in the days before, the world seemingly lost their minds as Barack Obama transferred power to Donald Trump and took over as the President of the United States…

Source: 5 Stories Americans Missed While Media Obsessed Over the Inauguration | Stillness in the Storm

Philip Tilton: GCR/RV Situation Report Update After The Presidential Nomination Ceremony !! – YouTube


Published on 20 Jan 2017



Dunford has been managing the GESARA transition from the shadows for almost two years now. Which includes military watch over the Trump Administration for the Chinese Elders.

The RV will commence on General Dunford’s command post Trump inauguration and complete before the beginning of the Chinese New Year 1/28/17 per orders from the Elders.

DR WILLIAM MOUNT: CIA Plot Exposed: Kill Trump, Invade Russia

Thursday, January 12, 2017


VIDEO:  CIA Plot Exposed: Kill Trump & Invade Russia – YouTube

Once again we are facing another CIA led attempt to kill President Elect Donald Trump and start WW3.

Sound Familiar?

Here is the problem – the CIA is now desperate as they know their Satanic NAZI allies are being rounded up across the globe and Desperate People do desperate things.

Now, more than ever, your prayers are needed to stop this insanity.

In yet another Exposed Plot the CIobaA is attempting to kill the President Elect Donald Trump before their Puppet Obama #4 and 5 leave office.

Then – they will again blame the Russians and send the ever increasing US Military Forces in Europe into Russia and attack.

—See Operation Atlantic Resolve – the Build Up For The invasion of Russia—

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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Uninstalling Obama – Almost There

Friday, January 6, 2017

Uninstalling Obama – Almost There


VIDEO: Unistalling Obama – Almost There – YouTube

Over the next few days the task set before the American People, Congress and the President Elect Trump will be to uninstall the Obama Satanic NAZI regime and all the damage they have done to us – not only here in America but around the world.

President Obama is the only individual who received the Nobel Peace Prize and bombed 7 countries: Libya, Syria, etc.

The last 5% will not be an easy task. A story breaking last night by a George Soros/CIA Fake News Site is that 50 Republican Delegates and 16 Democratic Delegate voted illegally. This story is not only fake but intended to stop the election process and will more than likely be ignored.

As you recall the last time a NAZI Democrat was lost power in 2001 then Vice President Al Gore screamed and hollered and claim the whole election was a fraud, despite over 3 million dead people and at least 15 million Fake Ballot that all voted for him. Remember the Hanging Chad stories 16 years ago!!!

When Clinton left office the economy was so bad that in 2001 the US Inc was spending dollars not collected until 2004 – this is how he cooked the books.

Jan 7, 2001 Story New York Times: Over some objections, Congress certifies votes.

The same story will be recycled for tomorrow – same story, different decade.

There is a difference though. There is a New Kid in town and he is supported by some very powerful people who are turning over the entire Elite Core.

As for any attempts to Blow Donald Trump in half during the Inauguration – Trump is forcing Hillary #4,  and her other CO-Conspirators – to sit in the front row during the Inauguration.

AS for the economy – last year the US Department of Defense announced it had spent $6.7 Trillion on a $700 Billion Dollar Budget. The Obama Regime is out of control.

Keep in mind that the entire world’s Underground Space Program is paid for with checks from the US Navy.

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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: CIA Attacks NSA In Manhattan

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


VIDEO:   CIA Attacks NSA Hub In Manhattan – YouTube

Last night at 4:15 AM the CIA attempted to penetrate an NSA Electronic Communications Hub code named Titan Pointe, located at 33 Thomas Street, Manhattan. This building, formerly occupied by AT&T Personnel, was “abandoned” years ago.

This ugly building has since been used by the NSA to monitor American Citizens and send the Data directly to their underground base below the Manhattan Skyline and from there to other NSA hubs around the world.

In a very strange shootout, the CIA tested their Above Ground defenses of an NSA stronghold.

Immediately after the shots began to be fired a burst of communications were sent out the NSA Communications Hub.

Apparently it was from this “NSA Information Hub” that employees of the NSA began cooperating with the Donald Trump Team, sending Zip Drives filled with Hillary Emails to the Wikileaks Offices across the globe.

Keep in mind that these Email Leaks began well over years ago as we were showing Hillary Emails on TV stating she is demanding Nuclear War over 7 years ago.

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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: US War Plans To Invade Russia Cancelled – OBAMA Moving

Monday, January 2, 2017

There is a plan in place for the US and it’s NATO Allies to invade Russia

As you recall – there was an invasion by French, British and Japanese forces of Russia between 1918 and 1920 in an attempt to destroy both the Hermitage in St Petersburg and rip away the Eastern portions of Russia.

As for the Invasion of St Petersburg, the French and British had just finished 4 years of Trench Warfare and they were double crossed by the leaders of St Petersburg and routed back to the Russian Port of Arch Angel and their evacuation was protected by a US Task Force.

The US lost 244 men evacuating the French and British.

As for the Japanese – in the East part of Russia they were threatened with all out war and evacuated the area, choosing to attack China only   few years later when they invaded Manchuria.

During the later part of Baby Bush’s Regime Operation Unthinkable was dusted off and re-examined.

Operation Unthinkable was the Allied plans to invade Russia way back in 1945 put forth by none other than Prime Minister Churchill and US General Patton. For this Patton was killed and Churchill retired.

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