DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Uninstalling Obama – Almost There

Friday, January 6, 2017

Uninstalling Obama – Almost There


VIDEO: Unistalling Obama – Almost There – YouTube

Over the next few days the task set before the American People, Congress and the President Elect Trump will be to uninstall the Obama Satanic NAZI regime and all the damage they have done to us – not only here in America but around the world.

President Obama is the only individual who received the Nobel Peace Prize and bombed 7 countries: Libya, Syria, etc.

The last 5% will not be an easy task. A story breaking last night by a George Soros/CIA Fake News Site is that 50 Republican Delegates and 16 Democratic Delegate voted illegally. This story is not only fake but intended to stop the election process and will more than likely be ignored.

As you recall the last time a NAZI Democrat was lost power in 2001 then Vice President Al Gore screamed and hollered and claim the whole election was a fraud, despite over 3 million dead people and at least 15 million Fake Ballot that all voted for him. Remember the Hanging Chad stories 16 years ago!!!

When Clinton left office the economy was so bad that in 2001 the US Inc was spending dollars not collected until 2004 – this is how he cooked the books.

Jan 7, 2001 Story New York Times: Over some objections, Congress certifies votes.

The same story will be recycled for tomorrow – same story, different decade.

There is a difference though. There is a New Kid in town and he is supported by some very powerful people who are turning over the entire Elite Core.

As for any attempts to Blow Donald Trump in half during the Inauguration – Trump is forcing Hillary #4,  and her other CO-Conspirators – to sit in the front row during the Inauguration.

AS for the economy – last year the US Department of Defense announced it had spent $6.7 Trillion on a $700 Billion Dollar Budget. The Obama Regime is out of control.

Keep in mind that the entire world’s Underground Space Program is paid for with checks from the US Navy.

As for the other news:

1) President Obama illegally awarded himself the Department of Defense Medal For Distinguished Public Service. Here we see the FAT Obama (#5) receiving the award.

2) Fear Not for the House just passed a Bill to undo last minute Obama regulations. Fat President Obama #5 may then loose his precious medal. The Elites are basically keeping Obama busy until he is out of there so he does not start any more wars in the last few days of his presidency.

3) Remember when – in February of 2014 cut the food stamp budget – well – they tightened up the laws and began looking into people’s assets.

3) President Obama’s Purchased Daughter #1. Obama bought each child for around $15,000 a piece.  Remember – Michelle is a man and men can’t have children. This is legal if you are an Indonesian citizen.

Obama’s  #1 Purchased Daughter Malia apparently filed to collect Food Stamps but forgot to disclose her bank account containing $9 Million Dollars ad apparently is smoking Dope in a state where Dope possession is illegal.

Malia will be arraigned in Massachusett’s Superior Court today for Food Stamp Fraud.

So now we depeg from 40 years of Satanic NAZI Democratic Policies.

Please pray that all of the Satanic Evil Deed s of these NAZIs falls flat on it’s faces.

Also – pray that you family is ready for whatever is coming. The elites are scared and they plan to throw every thing they have at Trump and his supporters.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount


Wrap your hot water tank and you will save around $10 – $20 a month – that’s about $120 – $240 a year. The cost of a Blanks and Duck taps is about $30.


Story Form 2001

Over Some Objections, Congress Certifies Electoral Vote – The New York Times

Saem Stuff, Different Day

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President Obama Awards Himself Distinguished Public Service Medal – Breitbart


GOP House passes bill to undo last-minute Obama regulations

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Malia Obama Allegedly Smoking Pot Isn’t a Big Deal, President Obama’s Foot-Dragging on Marijuana Reform Is – Hit & Run : Reason.com


U. S. Electoral College: 2016 Key Dates




Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Uninstalling Obama – Almost There

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