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Although his science is often seriously wrong, no one can deny that Al Gore has a flare for the dramatic. Speaking about climate change in an October 12 PBS interview, the former vice-president proclaimed, “We have a global emergency…


DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Uninstalling Obama – Almost There

Friday, January 6, 2017

Uninstalling Obama – Almost There


VIDEO: Unistalling Obama – Almost There – YouTube

Over the next few days the task set before the American People, Congress and the President Elect Trump will be to uninstall the Obama Satanic NAZI regime and all the damage they have done to us – not only here in America but around the world.

President Obama is the only individual who received the Nobel Peace Prize and bombed 7 countries: Libya, Syria, etc.

The last 5% will not be an easy task. A story breaking last night by a George Soros/CIA Fake News Site is that 50 Republican Delegates and 16 Democratic Delegate voted illegally. This story is not only fake but intended to stop the election process and will more than likely be ignored.

As you recall the last time a NAZI Democrat was lost power in 2001 then Vice President Al Gore screamed and hollered and claim the whole election was a fraud, despite over 3 million dead people and at least 15 million Fake Ballot that all voted for him. Remember the Hanging Chad stories 16 years ago!!!

When Clinton left office the economy was so bad that in 2001 the US Inc was spending dollars not collected until 2004 – this is how he cooked the books.

Jan 7, 2001 Story New York Times: Over some objections, Congress certifies votes.

The same story will be recycled for tomorrow – same story, different decade.

There is a difference though. There is a New Kid in town and he is supported by some very powerful people who are turning over the entire Elite Core.

As for any attempts to Blow Donald Trump in half during the Inauguration – Trump is forcing Hillary #4,  and her other CO-Conspirators – to sit in the front row during the Inauguration.

AS for the economy – last year the US Department of Defense announced it had spent $6.7 Trillion on a $700 Billion Dollar Budget. The Obama Regime is out of control.

Keep in mind that the entire world’s Underground Space Program is paid for with checks from the US Navy.

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Tom Heneghan: Prepare for the Unexpected! » The Event Chronicle

UNITED States of America — It can now be reported that the patriotic U.S. Military Flag Officers are ready to declare a ‘National Emergency’ in order to prevent the Bush-Clinton-Obama-CIA-NSA NAZI Paperclip occupation U.S. government from staging a massive FALSE FLAG PSY OP aka a massive attack on the American People, which will lead to a final declaration of MARTIAL LAW, which will cancel the U.S. presidential election and allow the TREASONOUS NAZI Paperclip administered Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to begin a round up and imprisonment of U.S. citizens.

The patriotic U.S. Military Flag Officers are now working directly with the Russian Federation and now have ‘smoking gun’ evidence linking the U.S. CIA to the funding and arming of ISIS terrorists aka CIA, Israeli Mossad and British Intelligence manufactured and scripted “crisis actors”.

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Clinton and Gore: 2 peas in a pod – Nesaranews

When politics and justice collide: Clinton case echoes Gore probe

A special ‘Gore’ report for Tom Heneghan

The questions, including tense exchanges about missing emails from a high-profile government archive, spanned years when the then-candidate was one of the most senior officials in government.

If the political drama sounds familiar, it should.

Hillary Clinton’s current struggles with an email scandal, the aftermath of a Justice Department investigation and serious questions about fundraising activities closely track the fraught political landscape then-vice president and Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore confronted in 2000.

Sixteen years ago, then-attorney general Janet Reno rejected for a third time a recommendation to appoint a special counsel to investigate Gore’s campaign fundraising activities in 1996. (After refusing to set fire – at the Clinton’s direction – to innocent people in the Koresh/Waco murders, and where several of the FORMER Clinton bodyguards were set up to be executed at Waco, Janet Reno had been horizontalized, and a clone replacement followed who did the bidding of her ‘handlers’.) 

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Depopulation: Global elite, climate change activists call for tax on newborns –

(NaturalNews) Critics of globalism and the climate change narrative have been warning us for some time that things are not what they seem, and that the true globalist agenda involves a plan which includes depopulation as one of its central goals.

Now, the global elitists are beginning to publicly play their hand by introducing the concept of taxing childbirth. In short, they have disguised their global depopulation scheme as being a necessary action in the effort to fight climate change.

‘Maybe we should protect our kids by not having them’

A recent NPR broadcast documents the unveiling of the depopulation/taxation scheme as envisioned by Travis Rieder, a “philosopher” with the Berman Institute of Bioethics at Johns Hopkins University, who claims that not having children is a “moral duty.”

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The main factions in the battle for the planet earth and their current status – Weekly geo-political news and analysis Message from Benjamin Fulford

August 22, 2016 by benjamin

The ongoing battle for control of the financial system, and thus control over the process of deciding what we as a species will be doing in the future, is reaching a climax. For this reason, this might be a good time to look at who the major players are and what their position is.

First of all, let us look at the Khazarian/Nazi faction that took over control of the Europe, Japan and the United States following the September 11, 2001 false flag attack in New York. This faction is led by George Bush Sr., David Rockefeller and their lackeys. Their plan was to reduce the world’s population by 90% through starvation, disease and war. Ample proof of this has been provided to various police, military and intelligence agencies around the world. Since the Nazi takeover of the United States was completed with the election stolen by George Bush Jr. in the year 2000 the government of the United States has tried to murder us through the release of bio-weapons including SARS, Bird Flu, Ebola etc

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George Soros Paid Al Gore Millions To Lie About Global Warming | Your News Wire

August 19, 2016 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Newly leaked documents reveal that billionaire George Soros bribed former Vice President Al Gore with millions of dollars in order to fabricate data about global warming. 

According to a document published by DC Leaks, Soros used his Open Society Institute to pay Al Gore $10 million dollars per year in order to make Gore exaggerate claims about man-made climate change to the public. reports:

“U.S. Programs Global Warming Grants U.S. Programs became engaged on the global warming issue about four years ago, at George Soros’s suggestion,” reads a leaked OSI memo.

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