“Unplugged” – Intel SITREP – 02:00 EST – Tuesday – February 21, 2017 ~ Intel

The proverbial geopolitical, military, diplomatic and financial plugs were all pulled over the weekend.The cabal is officially off of life support. Unplugged from relevance if you will.Whatever remaining oxygen left in their their lungs was gut punched away–at once–and their breathing machines removed–also at once–also over the weekend. Several final and decisive death blows were made, successfully, specially at the United Nations, Knesset and our own US Congress.The accumulation of those blows leaves no option but total surrender or full extermination for remaining cabal leaders–and in the shortest order possible.The saying, “If you want peace, prepare for war” has never been so true given what transpired in just the past few days. They pulled the band aid off folks…

Source: “Unplugged” – Intel SITREP – 02:00 EST – Tuesday – February 21, 2017 ~ Intel


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