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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: CIA Attacks NSA In Manhattan

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


VIDEO:   CIA Attacks NSA Hub In Manhattan – YouTube

Last night at 4:15 AM the CIA attempted to penetrate an NSA Electronic Communications Hub code named Titan Pointe, located at 33 Thomas Street, Manhattan. This building, formerly occupied by AT&T Personnel, was “abandoned” years ago.

This ugly building has since been used by the NSA to monitor American Citizens and send the Data directly to their underground base below the Manhattan Skyline and from there to other NSA hubs around the world.

In a very strange shootout, the CIA tested their Above Ground defenses of an NSA stronghold.

Immediately after the shots began to be fired a burst of communications were sent out the NSA Communications Hub.

Apparently it was from this “NSA Information Hub” that employees of the NSA began cooperating with the Donald Trump Team, sending Zip Drives filled with Hillary Emails to the Wikileaks Offices across the globe.

Keep in mind that these Email Leaks began well over years ago as we were showing Hillary Emails on TV stating she is demanding Nuclear War over 7 years ago.

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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Clinton Death Count Rises – Pray

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Video: Clinton Death Toll Rises – Pray – YouTube

With the death of Gucifer toll rises again. Intel  reports indicated he had his throat crushed because he was going to speak out against Hillary.

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