DR WILLIAM MOUNT: CIA Attacks NSA In Manhattan

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


VIDEO:   CIA Attacks NSA Hub In Manhattan – YouTube

Last night at 4:15 AM the CIA attempted to penetrate an NSA Electronic Communications Hub code named Titan Pointe, located at 33 Thomas Street, Manhattan. This building, formerly occupied by AT&T Personnel, was “abandoned” years ago.

This ugly building has since been used by the NSA to monitor American Citizens and send the Data directly to their underground base below the Manhattan Skyline and from there to other NSA hubs around the world.

In a very strange shootout, the CIA tested their Above Ground defenses of an NSA stronghold.

Immediately after the shots began to be fired a burst of communications were sent out the NSA Communications Hub.

Apparently it was from this “NSA Information Hub” that employees of the NSA began cooperating with the Donald Trump Team, sending Zip Drives filled with Hillary Emails to the Wikileaks Offices across the globe.

Keep in mind that these Email Leaks began well over years ago as we were showing Hillary Emails on TV stating she is demanding Nuclear War over 7 years ago.

So all of this Satanic NAZI Rhetoric by Obama Clones about the Russians hacking is actually pure BS.

There has to be an alternative reason to attack a strongly defended building with only a few CIA Agents. You don’t’ attack a heavily guarded building with a few agents – that’s suicide.

Perhaps after finding, and diffusing, several Nuclear Weapons directly under the NSA Headquarters under the  TitanPointe Communications building in the last few months has left the CIA with no options but to openly attack the building???

Perhaps a Rogue Team of Hit Men simply wished to see how far they could get when they assaulted this building?

In a few days we may be able to show pictures of the Ammo Bunkers in Iraq clearly showing Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical weapons the La Farge Company sold Iraq – and Hillary was on their Board of Directors at the time – as reported in a US Senatorial Report by US Senator Riegel.


This falls dead on the heels of Donald Trump tweeting that the so called “Russian Hacking Intelligence Briefing” he was supposed to get by President Obama never materialized and probably never will.

Further – Julian Assange was on the Sean Hannity Radio Program and categorically stated that these Emails did not come from the Russians.

Who can forget the British Ambassador who stated he got the Emails from a person who worked for one of the US Inc Supported Corporations – the CIA???

Yet – the Satanic NAZIs have to have an enemy, and they have chosen the Russians, don’t they?

Like all criminals – rather than admitting the crime they point the finger at those who exposed them

This year we will see mass arrests and War Crimes against these Satanic NAZI forces.


In the mean time – the US City with the most restrictive Gun Laws – Chicago – topped out the year with over 4,331 shootings and 762 Murders.

Finally – the Fake Washington Post News Story about the Power Company being  hacked (Burlington Power Company) by the Russians was shown to be fake – the computer again had Ukrainian Malware sent by the US Embassy in Kiev and it was easily removed. Even FORBES Magazine showed how this story was fake.

So the war between the Elites again is in full swing.


Please continue to pray as these elites now turn the fight against each other.

Please also pray your family is ready for what is coming.

This morning we have had 15 degree weather and 50 mile an hour gusts here in the Tacoma Area and periodic power outages.


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount



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Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: CIA Attacks NSA In Manhattan

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