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– Other alias Shakespeare, Saint Germain

Message from St. Germain to Lady Rose – 1.22.17 – Gary Larrabee

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Published on 22 Jan 2017


January 22, 2017

We tell you that now we are moving into a new time of change and transformation. Indeed you see uprisings all around you as people, the voice of the people, seek to be heard. And yet, you see, dear one how the man who is President of the mighty USA is reflecting and echoing the voice of the people in his very statements, and yet many are unawake and they cannot hear.

It is true that you have sat in my mystery school in the past and you are ready, willing and able to bring through that awareness, bring through that insight into the here and now. Do you understand this?



There are rules or laws that I am going to lay out here for you which will help you in your daily life for your life is about to change (transform) out of all recognition as you jump into the new.

1. Focus. (Alignment). Thy eye, meaning the lens from which you see must be focused in alignment much like the lens of a camera if slightly off the mark or out of focus will not produce the clarity (results) you seek. Emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually aligned. Understood? Yes.

2. Will and willingness. This is the engine which drives the creation into manifestation. If a part of you is not willing, is resistant or recalcitrant the speed and ease in which you manifest in the physical will be lost. You know beloved, I have spoken often of the tragedy of ‘loss of will’.

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New Dimension: NESARA Law these are the facts

Imagine you have been invited by the Universe to be one of the handful of people on Earth who know about NESARA Law and you are asked to promote it to help raise Earth Consciousness to end war and live in abundance which is our birthright; health, freedom and prosperity. There are actually millions of people on Earth who know about NESARA Law and are working to bring it to fruition, but they all have a gag order in place and they are instructed to behave as if they have no idea who you are. If they break the gag order, not only will they be killed, but so will their family members.

Source: New Dimension: NESARA Law these are the facts

Clear Away Injury and Pain – Saint Germaine – Prepare for Change

On our January 7th bi-monthly Saturday call, St. Germaine re-gifted us with the torch of his Violet Flame so that we can clear away the injury and pain caused by the energies of war, the energies of negative destruction…Use it daily!

Title: Clear Away Injury and Pain

Being: St. Germaine

Program/Date: Saturday Conference Call/01-07-17

Linda Dillon     Channel for the Council of Love


Let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of that Porlana C, this wonderful energy that is like life-source, love-source energy that is being sent to us directly from our star family. And it’s that blend, it’s probably the outer space version of the Violet Flame, and it’s that blue-violet neon blue. So feel yourself, from your crown to your root, as if you are cracking yourself open, opening yourself like an accordion, like a cupboard door, like French doors. Open yourself down the center and let that beautiful energy in. It’s surrounding the planet, it feels slightly electrical and it’s to fully activate our higher dimensional selves and our light bodies.

So, welcome it in and let’s take a nice deep breath of the most beautiful vibrant, electric purple, that violet that you can imagine…neon violet…breathe it in and go into your heart and feel your own Violet Flame and your own tri-flame. And feel that perfect balance of the Mother’s Blue Diamond and the Father’s Yellow Diamond and your bright Pink Diamond and now fill them all with that beautiful Porlana C. And let’s fill them all again with that beautiful violet.

Bring down your shoulders, relax your hips, your knees, your ankles, your feet, your jaw, and feel yourself just be here, filled with these wondrous energies of our star family.



Greetings, I am St. Germaine, Keeper of the Violet Flame. And yes, I come this day…and actually I come every day but you don’t always answer the door or the phone…but I’m coming to request and to help remind you, not only of the Violet Flame, but of the torch of the Violet Flame that I have given you long ago and that I re-gift you this day. Reach out your hand, your arm…I don’t care if it is a right hand or a left hand, use your primary arm, your primary hand, your primary fingers, and please receive, yet again, this torch of the Violet Flame which is cleansing and clearing and eliminating and reinvigorating and a flame of creation. Continue reading Clear Away Injury and Pain – Saint Germaine – Prepare for Change

Cobra interview 05 January 2017 MUST WATCH – YouTube

This is Incredible! Lots and lots of data points cleared up. My categories are my notes.

Sound travels through the ether.

The Portal: New Atlantis

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Atlantis

New Atlantis is the codename for the energy grid around the planetary surface that will support the Compression Breakthrough and also the codename for the New Society after the Event.
In Old Atlantis, before the polar shift 75,000 years ago, the position of equator was different and thus the position of the whole planetary energy grid was different also.
75,000 years ago and earlier, the energy gird around the planet was complete, under full control of the Ascended beings and with many sacred temples positioned around the equator. You can see the old Atlantean equator on this picture as a red line crossing South America and Africa:
It is interesting to note that many energy vortexes around the planet are still positioned around the old Atlantean equator:

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