Message from St. Germain to Lady Rose – 1.22.17 – Gary Larrabee

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Published on 22 Jan 2017


January 22, 2017

We tell you that now we are moving into a new time of change and transformation. Indeed you see uprisings all around you as people, the voice of the people, seek to be heard. And yet, you see, dear one how the man who is President of the mighty USA is reflecting and echoing the voice of the people in his very statements, and yet many are unawake and they cannot hear.

It is true that you have sat in my mystery school in the past and you are ready, willing and able to bring through that awareness, bring through that insight into the here and now. Do you understand this?



There are rules or laws that I am going to lay out here for you which will help you in your daily life for your life is about to change (transform) out of all recognition as you jump into the new.

1. Focus. (Alignment). Thy eye, meaning the lens from which you see must be focused in alignment much like the lens of a camera if slightly off the mark or out of focus will not produce the clarity (results) you seek. Emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually aligned. Understood? Yes.

2. Will and willingness. This is the engine which drives the creation into manifestation. If a part of you is not willing, is resistant or recalcitrant the speed and ease in which you manifest in the physical will be lost. You know beloved, I have spoken often of the tragedy of ‘loss of will’.

3. Centredness. It has oft been said that we manifest (or create) from the belly. This refers to the need to be centred within your own energy stream.

4. Chakras. Understand the importance of your energy centres and how they link into creation.

5. Belief. As you believe, so is it done unto you. Now beloveds, this is more subtle than you realize. As an example you might say: oh, we believe my football team will win the match and then it doesn’t. I really, truly believed this.
Why did it not happen in this way? We say this: Belief over and above regarding ones’ own consciousness is the key. In the football example, know that each player is coming into the game as an aspect of their own consciousness. Can you grasp this? Can you understand this? The gift you have been given is your right to direct your own consciousness, NOT that of another.

6. Free-will. So misunderstood. What if I told you that free-will is the conscious choice and ability to direct your own consciousness or hand it over to another? Would that shock you? Would that shake you? Let me tell you this. So much of humanity’s understanding of free-will has been coloured over and covered up by institutions and organisations who simply want their energy.

Free-will is THE RIGHT to CHOOSE HOW YOU use your God-given energy.

Where do you place your attention? Are you hypnotized by mass consciousness? Most of you are. The will to choose is freely given and is a gift.
What don’t you understand about this simple concept? When you complain that certain groups of people are exerting their ‘free-will’ over you, I suggest you pull yourself together and re-examine where and how you have allowed yourself to be manipulated in this way.

Once you understand that when you are lined up in yourself, lined up with your own I AM Presence and have let go of the human conditioning of judgment and fear, you are indeed in a new game.

Regarding the RV, the funds cannot, must not and will not be held back indefinitely. That is all for now.

Blessings and peace.

St. Germain


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