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DR WILLIAM MOUNT – Elite War Accelerates, Trump Inaugurated, Thousands Arrested

The Elite War among the various factions across the globe has erupted as the Trumpster is inaugurated as the leader of the United States Inc. First – in a Swift Move by local authorities world wide thousands of Paid Protesters, funded in part by Bill Ayers a know and admitted Cop Killer, were arrested across the globe. In Washington DC alone by 6PM in the evening over 217 arrests had been made. Arrests have continued throughout the night and will be followed across the globe wherever these Paid Protesters show their ugly heads…



DR WILLIAM MOUNT: UN Announces Gihad Against America and Europe

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Video: UN Targets America & Europe For Destruction – YouTube

In a remarkable series of broadcasts the United Nations is now targeting both the United States and Europe for total and complete destruction.

Yesterday in a Private Broadcast form the UN Headquarters – that was originally blocked by the “CITRIX System” Servers now controlled by Microsoft that may now be owned by “Global Alliance Partners“, headquartered in Switzerland next to Milan Italy.

All roads lead to Rome, The Vatican – which is a Bank with a cross on top.

What 2 World Wars could not do they are now doing through migration of the moat evil, vile people the world has ever seen.

The Mohamidians (Muslims, Islamists) are told that in a Gihad they are to kill an non-Muslim and thorough this they are spiritually cleaned, go to the Highest Heaven and get 39 Female Virgins for all eternity.

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