DR WILLIAM MOUNT: UN Announces Gihad Against America and Europe

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Video: UN Targets America & Europe For Destruction – YouTube

In a remarkable series of broadcasts the United Nations is now targeting both the United States and Europe for total and complete destruction.

Yesterday in a Private Broadcast form the UN Headquarters – that was originally blocked by the “CITRIX System” Servers now controlled by Microsoft that may now be owned by “Global Alliance Partners“, headquartered in Switzerland next to Milan Italy.

All roads lead to Rome, The Vatican – which is a Bank with a cross on top.

What 2 World Wars could not do they are now doing through migration of the moat evil, vile people the world has ever seen.

The Mohamidians (Muslims, Islamists) are told that in a Gihad they are to kill an non-Muslim and thorough this they are spiritually cleaned, go to the Highest Heaven and get 39 Female Virgins for all eternity.

Yet – their own book declares in Abram 28 not to hurt those who believe in One God – Jew and Christians.

The UN is now electing new leadership that will lead to Open Immigration by the year 2018 and the movement of 500 Million Black Muslims into North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and completely destroy national boarders.

Who do you suppose is funding this Migration?

WE THE PEOPLE – the US and European Tax Payers.

The bombings we saw on the 15th will multiply by 1,000 times as our streets begin to like  the streets in Beirut Lebanon and Aleppo Syria – a city of 2 Million that is no more than 50,000 today.

A UN /Masonic Heaven – hate and anarchy everywhere.

Guess Who We Think Is Funding This????\

Global Alliance Partners – Home


Pray for your families that you are ready for what is coming

Pray that the funding for this migration is stopped immediately and that those whipped over to take American Jobs are shipped back immediately

Pray also that the World Leaders – who now know they are all about to be killed and replaced wake the heck up and turn to GOD immediately for help.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

George Soros to invest $500 million in help for refugees

Refugees Swarm Into Europe

More refugees – Millions and Millions to be put on Social Security Refugee Pay at $4,250 per month Plus Welfare – soon to be 500,000,000 in number

UPS Refugee Flights Confirmed « InvestmentWatch

Global Alliance Partners – Home

Where The Money Is Generated To Fund This And Connected To Companies Acorss The Globe:

1) Terra Cap, US
2) Daniel Stewart  And Company UK
3) Sigma Investment Group, Israel
4) National Investor, Arab Emerate
5) Petra Capitol, Australia
6) Emerging Asia Capitol, Philippines
7) Capitol Partners Securities, Japan
8) Quam Financial Services, China
9) KT Zimco Securities, Mirimar (Burma)
10) Than Cong Securities, Vietnam
11) APS Securities. Philippines

And 100 other major financial corporation around the globe.

Be Ready For What Is Coming Folks: Especially Supply Chain Interruptions…

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Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: UN Announces Gihad Against America and Europe

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