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Daughter Of CIA Assassin Paymaster Tries To Bring Down Trump Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh

An intriguing in-depth new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that a Stanford University Psychiatry Professor named Dr…



Euro Falling Hard Causing Financail Panic

The Points of view, and purpose of this video, is not to bully or harass anyone, but rather share those opinions and thoughts with other like-minded individuals curious about these subjects. If it is not returned China will have a very hard time backing it’s Yuan with Gold…


Loony Elites Now Banning Showers And Knives

The Loony Lefty Elites have now gone off the Deep End and are trying to ban Showers and Knives in your home. First – a person claiming to be a man named Josh Clark posted an article on “” stating that a shower a day is just too much for your skin The website Howstuffworks…


The Role Of Aluminum In Changing Human Biology To Accept The Ionized Atmosphere We Live In : Part 3 Former CIA Officer Explains The Shadow Government And Deep State Roles In How Technology Makes It Possible

By Catherine J. Frompovich Kevin Shipp is a former CIA officer in counter intelligence and supervising manager, who has become a whistleblower. The CIA acts outside the U.S. Constitution and that’s what made and makes Kevin Shipp speak out…