Russia Cuts Trade Ties With US As Black Swan Rides Coronavirus-Locust Apocalypse Wave Across World

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A very concerning new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting the unprecedented degradation of Russian-American ties due to anti-Russian statements made by the participants of the US election campaign, says there is no choice left but for Russia to suspend the work of its trade mission in the United States—a trade mission suspension coming at the same time Russia is projected to retain the crown as the world’s top wheat exporter for third year in a row as US wheat harvest numbers continue to fall—and for this year, also, has experts warning that the weather factor, including a snowless, warm winter, is increasingly becoming a “black swan” event for Russian farmers—which refers to a rare and unpredictable occurrence that has severe consequences for financial markets—is now confronting President Donald Trump, too, as he faces a “black swan” threat to the economy and reelection his leading allies acknowledge could present an existential political threat—all being caused by the coronavirus threat that’s now crashed the entire Chinese economy to its lowest level on record—and to make this grave situation even worse, now sees China being attacked by the apocalyptic locust plague sweeping the globe—thus creating a “Global Economic Pandemic” neither Russia or the US can collaborate on mitigating because of trade tie cutoffs—which Trump has now responded to by warning his citizens that if the Democrats win the White House, “there will be a stock market crash like you have never seen before”…

via Russia Cuts Trade Ties With US As Black Swan Rides Coronavirus-Locust Apocalypse Wave Across World

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