The new global financial system is being built right in front of our eyes over the last couple of weeks! We are about to see the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen!

This is a financial paradigm shift of epic proportions! We are about to see a wealth transfer unlike anything we have ever seen before! You are positioned on the right side of history! Massive surprise coming in the next few weeks!!


my worry with LTC and CEL joining the network, is that there will be a price adjustment before they go on the flare network. and maybe at a lower price. All of the X-family we know will increase in price.

X-Family Coins: XRP, XLM, ALGO, IOTA, XDC, DOGE. I have some of each. These all have Anti-Quantum Hacking measures. The others don’t.

1st Jan – something Big, 3 Jan- REGULATION DAY! 17th is price rise

We have started a class action against Nexo – Contact me on brianhyland7@gmail.com if you wish to be involved with the Nexo Class Action and put JOIN NEXO CLASS ACTION in the subject line.

30th DEC is our next big day

XRP is expected to go to 4 digits on or around the 13th Nov.

Quantum Financial System has been turned on at ~2:30am 7OCT20 Perth Time

Apple announced partnership with Ripple!

Ripple got the Patent for Smart Contracts using Ethereum and Flare!

MASTERCARD have now come onboard the XRP network!

The rockets are launching the Quantum Internet and Quantum Financial System infrastrcuture.

Massive amount of banks closing due to “COVID”

In August 2020 there were 6088 Cryptocurrencies. It has been said that only 1% or maybe even less will survive. The key to them is regulation. ISO20022 is the main regulation. INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS ORGANISATION. Everything will need to be ISO Compliant. = $XRP $XLM $XDC $ALGO (FLARE TNG TURING), IOTA (QFS also backed by precious metals)Others are TC 68, TC 307 & TR 23455.

China will be huge for us, 1 billion digital currency users! India has a billion digital currency users signing onto XRP too. Latin America and now Africa have just announced that they are signing on too!

The new BASEL IV banking rules require ISO22002. XRP is the only cypto currency that has conformed to this standard. What is unique about XRP is that it allows for a comment field to be atteched to every transaction and that it has end point verification on the transfer before it is sent. Meaning, it verifies how much will be received at the end point before it sends the XRP. This prevents any transaction from being stolen or rerouted in transit.

Rocket launch for the controller sattelite for the new Quantum Financial Sytem has been delayed.

XRP is like the new bitcoin except it has enormous utility value and massive client adoption. China, india and latin america, visa, american express, applepay, googlepay, samsungpay, ethereum all banks and 196 currencies have all signed on to the XRP network! the value of xrp is based on the number of transactions running through the network, so the only way for it to go down is for us to stop using our credit cards or world trade to crease. china and india have 1 billion digital currency users who will be linked into the XRP system! This is advanced computer technology that can take us through the next 1000 years of peace!

This is fabulous computer technology for our star trek future!

Nothing in history has ever or will ever come close to the profits that will be made from XRP!! ..and it is honest money, not criminal or exploitative money! It has integrity and self empowerment!

The NESARA/GESARA money and the $Trillion American stimulus money running through the XRP network will so increase the transaction rate through the network to such an extent that we might see a $10,000 XRP coin in as little as 2 years!!

There is no other competitor for XRP. XRP is the only crypto that conforms to the new Banking Standard ISO22002, which is requirement of the new international banking rules. It is the only crypto able to include a comment field with every transaction and does start point to end point verification before of the amount before the transaction is sent! You can know how much is ending up at the end point of the transaction before you send it. This verifies the transaction before it is sent! It is transparent and reliable banking

The price of XRP has gone down due to the testing being finalised. They are preparing for the next move, which is that all of the $5T of SWIFT transactions to be routed through the XRP network on1st sept. That is when we will see the price rise dramatically!

The SWIFT system will be turned off in 2020 and all $5T of daily transactions will be routed through the Ripple(XRP) system in 2020 sending the price of XRP to USD$50 in 24 hours! XRP is the new Quantum Financial System for global finance!

Ripples own digital wallet is called XUMM. It is very security intensive to set up by would be the safest digital wallet to store your XRP in if you done have 2 factor authenication with your trader.

XRP Timeline

XRP is 57,000 times more environmentally friendly than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

XRP went live on 2nd of August and pinged every bank in the world! It will run parrallel with the current system until it is officailly launched!

XRP is a sustainable currency, a green alternative to Bitcoin. XRP is bridging digital divides, mobilising private capital and connecting Asia to the rest of the world.

These price swings are nothing! The recent market volatility was expected as the announcement gets nearer and the repo stimulus ends. We are pivoting from the old system to the new gold backed system. We just have to ride it out as the market changes over to the new Quantum Financial System (Ripple(XRP)) and then reap the rewards!!

A new asset class is being created around the world allowing crypto currencies to be held by the banks as an asset. This means that you can store your coins as an asset like a house and borrow against them without ever having to sell them! They would continue to appreciate as more and more transactions go through the Ripple(XRP) system daily!

It is looking like some financial event will happen on Sunday 2nd August 2020! Full Moon too!

ApplePay, GooglePay and VISA have announced that they have signed onto Ripple(XRP).

Ripple will get to $10k per coin when the daily transactions reach $1T by transacting “All the Money in the World!” once it is adopted by the global banking system!

There are currently no projections that Ripple(XRP) will fail, only contention is how much it will rise! The minimum projection is that it will be $1.60 by the end of the year! $10K in 5-10 years or sooner!

Your ripple account is like a bank account in that you can take money in and out with only a small fee of 1%, but the profits could be enormous!

Ripple allows On Demand Liquidity which saves the banks a fortune and eliminates their exposure to currency price risks! It means that the banks don’t have to hold every currency, they just have to use XRP!

Treasury shutdown on 25th July to implement Ripple (XRP)? “It can be done in a day”

Judy Shelton is being approved as the new FED board member by the Senate Banking Committee! She is a staunch supporter of the Sound Money Principle (Gold Backed) and has talked about the a crypto- currency being a part of that principle. She is the architect of the FED restructure into the treasury and will be the new chairman when Powell goes.

Paypal to use Etherium for it’s 325 million users. Etherium is a plugin to Ripple!

Gold-backed currencies are coming!

The paper contracts are running out and are not being renewed. Gold and silver will move to their historical values or more. Gold is traditionally priced at $10k-12k and silver to gold ratio is traditionally 47:1. The ratio of gold to silver now is close to 100:1. This will balance itself and generate a profit from gold of ~5x and from silver ~10x.

You can guarantee your profits by buying silver as well. Silver will go from $23 per oz to $3-4k per oz as soon as the gold backed currencies are declared.

Silver is used in everything, electronics, phones, cars, water purifiers… It is very hard to mine and there is no reason it should be so cheap and undervalued. It is starting to break out now. As soon as the gold backed currencies are announced, it will go to its traditional price.

It has been announced that Ripple(XRP) will be the new method for transferring money between countries by the 196 central banks worldwide and will be gold backed. It has all the latest tech built into it and will be used when SWIFT is discontinued because of it’s criminality, dishonesty and it is archaic technology! It should be announced any day now and go up to $50 per coin overnight.

Bitcoin was invented by the Queen to run her Pedo operations worldwide. This pedo coin will disappear when the public finds out along with all the other coins that are backed by nothing as they are in the simplest of terms, just a computer game compared to a gold backed solution. Putin has rejected Ethereum, so that will not be used by the central banking countries. The Chinese have shown themselves to be a corrupt killing machine, so nobody will use their solution. Ripple is the only viable solution for transfers between countries that is available now.

I believe that Ripple will end up linking directly to our credit cards to replace the banking systems entirely. ..and it is!

Qanons are being told something with these numbers (17 and 1776) that only we would recognise. I believe that Q+ is rewarding our support.

I have taken holdings in gold, silver and Ripple (XRP). The profits from gold and silver are guaranteed and will easily cover the loses from Ripple if it fails to go off.. But, if Ripple(XRP) does go off, the profits from it could make the gold and silver profits seem very small!

The 2nd stimulus is going to be rolled out in America via XRP!

This link will get you an extra 10 worth of bitcoin to swap to ripple https://www.coinspot.com.au/join/REFD9JQWU in Australia or crypto.com app in other countries.

Silver can still be ordered here www.abcbullion.com.au in Australia.

“XRP will be on the center of all of this as they have laid the foundation of talking to banks and marketing the wonders of XRP for quite sometime now. In fact they have already gone past the testing phase of the technology and have successfully shown how fast, and cost effective using XRP is without compromising scalability.”

My new Facebook profile is https://www.facebook.com/brian.hylander.7

ALGO is a long term hold, very useful.
This is what Nexo were worried about!

“$10,000 is not impossible now because Bitcoin reached $20,000. When $20,000 was hit by Bitcoin this sort of gave us a subliminal message on how high a crypto can go, and so now people have this notion that $10,000 is possible.”

All of these articles can be found on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/brhyland/

Send me a message and I will friend you!

When it is announced officially, we will hear about it on mainstream media. That is when the big institutional groups are allowed to buy in. At the moment, they are restrained from purchasing due to NDA’s and the threat that they will be excluded from the entire new financial system if they do the wrong thing (IMHO). That is why and when it will go to $50 per coin.

The value of the coin is based on the number of transactions going through the system. At $51 per coin, the system changes in a way that won’t be allowed initially, something to do with market cap. So it will cap at $50 for a short time until the system has stabilised and the predatory investors have been removed from the market, then it will be allowed to go up to the moon or higher(IMO)!

Takedown of bitcoin
XRP at $2k?

It is an amazing feeling to have a physical metal asset, rather than digital or paper money. It did something to me! I felt very different after i laid on my bed with a bar of silver in each hand. Something of an electrical nature happened in my core and I could feel it changing me inside. Silver is a highly spiritual, feminine metal and is well worth the experience of owning it. Gold is a masculine metal.

Flare has started trading and is going up!
This is what started it for me..
This could be dangerous to BTC ETH. XRP has Quantum Anti-hacking measures
Look at the dates, Judy Shelton has been running this thing the whole time!
These guys caused the sell-off with their story of selling out their XRP! They didn’t, they bought up big! Crooks!

New Element!

Broke through 37 cents

Both highlighting 25th
Nov 11?
no mad max sceario
Google Earth have placed a graphic over the top of The 3 Gorges Dam that fails to hide the buckling of the structure underneath it. It pokes through their graphic!

That is 8:33am perth time tomorrow

MASTERCARD have now come onboard the XRP network!
THE EVENT is what we have been waiting for.. Involves a flash from the sun and nothing financial or physical could change until this happens.
Something is going on at the dam!

Latest INTEL
This could be what we have been waiting for.. The dam breaking was also about the flood of information coming out.
The drop in all of the markets over the last week has been traced to the billion dollar fines that the banks have received worldwide for their dealings with illegal money transfers. They have been dumping all of their assets onto the markets to raise the money for the fines. Once this stabilises the markets will return to normal. We are starting to see that already.
The rockets are launching the Quantum Internet and Quantum Financial System infrastrcuture.
No photo description available.
Image may contain: text that says "BREAKING Breaking911 91 @Breaking911 DOW PLUNGE: The Dow fell more than 860 points at 10:30AM ET Monday. The extended drop came as concerns over stagnating coronavirus case improvement stoked fears of more lockdowns, and and as political uncertainty nudged investors away from risk assets- Yahoo News"
More disruption in the markets
Image may contain: 1 person, text that says "Praying Medic @prayingmedic The DOW was down more than 800 points today led by losses from major banks after news reports detailed how Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, HSBC and others laundered $2 trillion in sketchy transactions linked to drug dealers terrorists human traffickers. Deutsche Bank Bank stocks fall after documents allege $2 trillion in criminally-linked transactions"
More reagulatory clarity
Image may contain: 1 person, text that says "9:07 68% Start and Grow シ(@startand... m.tiktok.com Cody Oschefski is using TikTok. Join us now! Open BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY A Financial Storm is coming... Berkshire Hathaway's unloading of billions of dollars from bank stocks exacerbating the hurt on the nation's biggest financial institutions Reuters reported. Warren Buffett, the company's chairma. and CEO, has sold shares of Wells Fargo @startandgrow Morgan Chase and dropped an Share #greenscreen Sachs. unloaded his bank stocks. #Defi #fintech #investment original sound Trending"
Image may contain: text
Image may contain: text that says "WIIINUUVUIVUHQUINWU Spain Set To LOCKDOWN Friday the 18th September with Three Phase System closing borders with France & Portugal Reactions Run Wild Amongst Expats on Spain's Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca on Social Media Over LOCKDOWN plans Reactions Run Wild Amongst Expats on Spain's Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca... euroweeklynews.com 7:09 AM 9/16/20 Twitter for Android"
Image may contain: text that says ""DiorDonDadda" @Papinextdior Things to look out for today! 1)Faster payments council meeting 2) Ripple swell meeting (EUROPE) 3) Jerome Powell Federal Reserve anouncment 4) International Monetary Fund Going green debate 8:33 AM 9/16/20 Twitter for iPhone"
Image may contain: text that says "JASTHPD JackTheRippler @RippleXrpie BOoooooooOOOOOOOOOM The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority has announced new regulations that require licensing and permissions for the operation of crypto ATMs #xrpthestandard Crypto ATM operators now require a new license in Germany.- Coinnounce coinnounce.com"
Price is rising again!
This price fluctuation is expected. I was told it would get bumpy at the end. It is a common practice in the markets for the big investors to force the price down before a big price jump is imminent. They do this to activate everyone’s stop loss orders and to take them out of the market so that they can buy up their coins cheaply before the price jumps and they make a fortune! We just need to wait and ride it out until tonight. Last time, they activated the network at 8am their time, which is 8pm Perth time.
USD is going up so we expect some price fluctuations in the XRP price
FEDNOW launches today!!

Dollar is down, XRP will go up

Links with XRP
The dollar is going down! That means all other assets will be going up!!! It is a great time to get more XRP! whether you buy or take my classes to get more!
Very Good Video
I am pretty sure that these are a clue to the new financial system roll out!
Image may contain: text that says "DOQ and 38 others liked John Reese 6% @TrumperWavin We are seeing the Quantum Financial System being put online to dismantle the cabal's banking system. POTUS Trump is crushing Biden in recent polls. The Schumann Resonane FLATLINED today, rarely seen before, and there are dog comms. Buckle up your SEATBELTS! 12:19 PM. 9/2/20 Twitter Web App"
Expected return from every $100 invested.
Potential Profits from every AUD$1000 spent on purchasing XRP at 39.1 cents.
Cryptonaires Movie!! That is about to be US!! Do not fall for a XRP giveaway scam! XRP Utility + Liquidity = Value over Time! https://youtu.be/-32dO_G4tAI
We are witnessing the greatest financial paradigm shift in the history of mankind! https://youtu.be/yGpDAFthuRE
Digital Yuan plugs into the XRP network to connect the East with the West – AIIB. 8 months ago the Ripple CEO spent 2 days in the Whitehouse meeting with Trump! Trump hates Bitcoin, China and TicToc. Trump invests $1B in Quantum Computing. https://youtu.be/tAMftS8T_QY
Good short video. XRP vs Bitcoin. Flare network and Smart Contracts. ODL has taken off so much that Ripple has had to slow adoption of the product. https://youtu.be/hgUPpu4PI7c
XRP is the QFS
Price is taking a leap UP!!
Quantum Financial System (QFS) is building a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for the Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS). It’s a network based on Sovereignty and Commerce.
No photo description available.
BRICS nations are dumping the SWIFT system! World trade would stop if they didn’t have the Ripple(XRP) network ready to go to replace it! BRICS nations are Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa and represent half of the world’s total GDP!
Gold backed XRP, increasing XRP user base, and new markets coming online on 1st Sept! More clues coming from the FED!
Charlie Ward has stated that these projections for gold and silver are LOW!!!!!🙏👏😁💥

Brad from Digital Perspectives interviews Charlie Ward about his inside XRP Intel! 🙏 XRP is looking better every day. The computer technology involved is very impressive! When they turn SWIFT off on the 31st of August, $5 trillion of daily transactions will go through the Ripple(XRP) network ommediately!!! Now I can see why XRP will reach $50 in a 24hrs on the 1st of September!!
This is an incredible video. More and more companies have quiety plugged into Ripple or Ripple products. China, India and now Latin America have are now using the Ripple(XRP) New Global Financial System!
This is the key document showing the new ASSET CLASS that banks can hold.. CRYPTO’s can be held by the banks as an ASSET! Enabling us to receive interest from our XRP holdings or borrow against them!
Image may contain: 6 people, text that says "WE ARE NOT GOING TO A CASHLESS SYSTEM. Do not listen to people. Our money system is changing from a fiat currency to a gold backed currency. There will be a shortage of $ circulating for a time. They're trying to reel in the old coins and currency in order to roll out the new. It is called a rainbow currency. 5 DOLLARD FIVE DOLLAIRU TWENTY DOLLARS PITY DOLLARE) MAERD ONE 100"
It opens the capability and usability for XRP to replace the entire Global Financial System with a digital version!
Interesting history lesson. Explains escrow accounts governance.
good video, XRP’s ODL frees up $27 billion from the NOSTRA accounts to become liquidity back into the system. It enables the internet of value and was designed for a $10k coin!
XRP is wholesale money, XLM is another retail money plugin, competing with all of the others. Iota too. The guaranteed returns will come from XRP, the core infrastructure. XRP was designed to operate at $10k per coin. The retail coins are unlikely to get that big. The retail coins will compete with each other til one or more wins! They will all still use XRP for their inter bank and cross border transfers though. So while the retail coins are duking it out, XRP will be gaining in value from every one of their transactions.
The new Quantum Financial System will be fully operational from the 1st September. It has been gold backed, but not announced yet. The SWIFT system will be closed down on the 31st August.
Ripple’s ODL (On Demand Liquidity) is the biggest asset for this technology! It’s use will grow XRP adoption massively into the future!
Ripple(XRP) is in every document! It wouldn’t be so if it wasn’t a core component of the new global financial system!
India already have 1 billion users on their digital payments system. Their partnership with Accenture (a major Ripple(XRP) partner) will link them to the international payments system through XRP! As XRP price is based on the number of transactions through the Ripple(XRP) network, connecting to India this will add a massive amount of transactions to the Ripple(XRP) network and increase the price of XRP enormously!! Get your XRP before this happens!
This charts shows what happened to the market when they turned the Ripple(XRP) network on and pinged all of the banks to check that they were connected. The Ripple(XRP) network has been running side by side with the current swift system for testing purposes. The price fluctuations are due to this testing and takeover of the old system. At the end of the month, the old system will be turned off, the announcement made and all transactions will go through the Ripple(XRP) network. That is when we will make our money as XRP goes to USD$50 in 24 hours!
Brooks is a very big name that is forecasting Ripple involvement in the new Global Financial System! Another big positive clue to how big Ripple(XRP) is going to be for the future of Global Finance! ..and for us!
Court case on the 26th explains the announcement date intel for the 28th-29th of this month. I hope that they announce it on my birthday on the 28th, it would be huge for me!
Flare has delivered a quantum boost to the Ripple(XRP) network! https://flare.ghost.io/fxrp-walkthru/?fbclid=IwAR122NbLgDtV5n6tJTIKaDvl2BZuTjSDq-vSFKkx1fl4OU2mrlLOJGG-fGU
Very exciting 45.5 cents 3rd highest peak in 2 years. went up to 46.53
Image may contain: text that says "zerohedge @zerohedge Turkey Hit By Bank Runs Currency Panic As Locals Sell Their Cars And Houses Το Buy Gold While Lira Implodes Tr. Turkey Hit By Bank Runs, Currency Panic As Locals Sell Their Cars And H... zerohedge.com 11:30 PM 8/15/20 Zero Hedge Publisher"
This is why we bought gold, silver and XRP. XRP will be gold backed. Gold backed currencies do not experience inflation or deflation.
This is part of the intel from the XRP timeline that was released to the network
Good for XRP investors
Independent confirmation of silver profits being double that of gold. https://www.msn.com/en-au/money/markets/is-the-silver-mines-share-price-a-sleeping-giant/ar-BB181R3k?ocid=sf2
IMF document showing Ripple(XRP) at the centre of the global financial system
XRP is 57,000 times more environmentally friendly than Bitcoin and Ethereum. India already has 1 billion users of contactless digital technology and has the highest volumes of digital transactions in the world.
The value of the coin is based on the number of transactions going through the system. At $51 per coin, the system changes in a way that won’t be allowed initially, something to do with market cap. So it will cap at $50 for a short time until the system has stabilised and the predatory investors have been removed from the market, then it will be allowed to go up to the moon or higher(imho)!
He seems to be floating around waiting for the next step. Much like the price of XRP has been floating around 42cents waiting for the announcement.
Image may contain: text that says "11:31 anur ear netweetcu l LTE Der Preuße Parler: @DerPre... @DerPreusse1963 Over the weekend and by Mon 10 Aug. the banks will be notified about starting the debt relief programs. On Sat. 15 Aug. the banks will begin to forgive (zero- out) mortgage debt & credit card debt. #NESARA 3:09 AM 8/9/20 Twitter Web App 58 Retweets 138 Likes 13h"
Warren Buffet has boosted his holdings in Bank of America by $2.1b in the last 12 days! Bank of America has been investing heavily into financial apps using the Ripple(XRP) network.
HUGE NEWS!! The SWIFT system will now be using the Ripple(XRP) network! SWIFT was the biggest competitor and now they are plugged in to XRP! Amazing news!
Great video, highlights below..
Store XRP as an asset and live off it!
XRP has increased in value by 60% in a week. We should see a joint announcement from Bank of America and Ripple soon. BofA are investing heavily in building lots of new financial apps for the crypto space using XRP.