What is up with Halliburton??

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What is up with Halliburton??

Dick Cheney’s Company…

Dear Popeye and Olive Oyl,

Please forward this to Anonymous, to the White Knights and to others who may have an interest in the theft of the American people’s money by Dick Cheney’s Halliburton and their sundry DBAs.  These criminal acts by Cheney and Halliburton warrant the opening of full scale investigations.

I am writing you concerning what Halliburton did with the funding money for rebuilding the southeast after Katrina. I am purposely leaving names out except for the towns.

I was one of the selected sub-contractors that were in Beaumont, Texas around the middle of 2010 to see the completion of the contract through a large construction company in Beaumont, Texas, AND Helliburton, Dick Cheney’s company, was also present…

The week prior to the press conference we were in Beaumont, with the press present, anticipating the announcement of a 16,000 new home construction project. The initial tranche of monies from FEMA was coming from a DBA subsidiary of Halliburton (Dick Cheney’s company).  The money was being provided FROM F E M A for approximately $350B to $500B, and was already in Halliburton’s bank account. The contract called for the construction of 16,000 homes.

What I also saw three months earlier on the front page of the London Times was Halliburton lost $38B in Iraq. I said… “How in hell do you lose $38B?” What happened at the press conference in Beaumont told the whole story.

Halliburton sent their DBA company xyz to the contract signing meeting with the press being present. Upon reading of the contract it was discovered that the contract, which was originally agreed to be for the construction of 16,000 homes, had been changed to 16 homes on stilts, 16 feet above the water height at high tide.

I have never ever seen a General Contractor get as angry as I saw that day.  We asked to speak to Halliburton direct, and they said ‘that is not possible as they have relocated their corporate office to Dubai!’

You cannot extradite anyone from Dubai, as it is their Law … That is where the initial monies went. Halliburton had transferred their corporate headquarters from Texas to Dubai and now had sufficient funding to build a new headquarters!

Halliburton still maintains smaller DBA contractor firms here and there around the country, including in Burleson, Texas, south of Fort Worth.

This needs to be sent everywhere, including to the White-Knights.

Posted by Popeye at 6:18:00 PM

Source: NESARA- REPUBLIC NOW – GALACTIC NEWS: What is up with Halliburton??

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