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Funding the Neil Keenan and Group K Mission is now open for tax-deductible donations through the support of Lords of Light Foundation’s ‘Funding The Foot Soldiers’ Project in order to successfully achieve their final goal in securing and opening the Global Collateral Accounts (GCA).

Consequently, these Accounts will then be used as they were originally intended: to establish and set up charitable foundations worldwide to fund humanitarian programs and much needed projects to benefit humanity now and in the future.

In Supporting the Neil Keenan & Group K Mission these beneficial foundations will, in turn, directly address many pressing issues in each nation’s local communities such as free energy, self-sufficiency, building infrastructure, clean water, restoring soil conditions for growing nutritional food, as well as other critical humanitarian issues, and finally freedom from our present debt-slave system.

This Is A Call To Action: Time is of the essence, more so than ever today, because ongoing relentless and bad fiscal management has directly affected the well-being of so many people in their daily lives.

It is the foremost intention of Neil Keenan and Group K to work directly through charitable foundations rather than through governments or banks, where very little money has ever reached the people and those most needing assistance.

This Charitable Funding on behalf of the Neil Keenan & Group K Mission will be working in conjunction with LORDS OF LIGHT FOUNDATION a 501 (c) (3), whereby all charitable donations are tax-deductible. From the words of its’ Founder, Mark A. Thomas:

“We are a forward thinking foundation. With a proven track record in private sector fundraising, our team has over 30 years of experience and, together, we have raised in excess of 45 million dollars for research and development. This experience gives us a unique approach on new and innovative projects”.

We are now introducing our new philanthropic concept – ‘Funding the Foot Soldiers’.

Lords of Light Foundation fully supports the Keenan-Group K Mission, because Neil has shown us that he has worked hard, to earn his authorized M1 position on behalf of securing the GCA. Neil represents the best example of our Foot Soldiers Project. Your support with your Tax-Deductible Donation will go directly into a specified fund on this website to support Neil Keenan & Group K’s Mission.

Neil Keenan is a True Foot Soldier, an Irish American as well as an international businessman, who has successfully created development projects in several developing countries where he worked with official ministers and presidents. He specializes in the proper placement of financial instruments into investment PPP programs. Throughout his career his compassion and sincere concerns for people have been first and foremost in his life.

For further information on – Neil Keenan & Group K’s GCA Accomplishments – Go to –  index 7.00 start: Neil Keenan History & Events Timeline.

In brief, the GCA were created through the 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement, and developed at the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference, whereby all nations would turn over their collateral hard assets to be registered and stored in many countries of Southeast Asia. These large collections of gold and hard assets were then used to support and back the world’s financial systems, as well as to create each nation’s currencies against their collateral assets.

For further information on – Understanding the History of the GCA – Go to –  index 1.02 start: Neil Keenan History & Events Timeline.

GCA Funding History: The final post-WWII 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement also stated that the large accumulated interest created on the GCA collateral loans would be used to fund economic and humanitarian rebuilding projects for each nation, especially those in the Non-Aligned  Movement (NAM) nations (Third World). Unfortunately, this project funding never materialized.

Since 80% of the GCA are owned by the Asian Dragon Family, the Depositors, these families have been trying for decades to use the off-ledger GCA to fund humanitarian projects throughout the world. The Family has now authorized Neil Keenan & Group K to immediately secure and open these Accounts for their long awaited charitable funding purpose.

Not since President Sukarno of Indonesia was officially elected as M1, the monetary controller of the GCA, has there been anyone elected since then to replace him. Neil Keenan has now been designated to become the new M1 after he signs the necessary legal papers.

This is a very important authorization of Neil by the Family, as well as by the Holders, who are the protectors of the physical Assets in Indonesia in the off-ledger accounts. This gives Neil the permission to open the Accounts and to monetize them for designated programs.

As a result, Neil Keenan can now fulfill the Dragon Family’s original Plan of Action for Humanity.

Picture: Dr. Edy Seno Soekanto is the Director of the Soekarno Trust worth 20 or more Quadrillion Dollars.

The Soekarno Trust is what President John F. Kennedy was leaning on with the Green Hilton Agreement before his death.  Edys’ father inherited the Trust upon President Soekarno’s passing and from there it was turned over to Edy Seno.

Now seeing he is friends with Neil Keenan it only makes sense that Neil aids Edy in getting out the packages for humanity’s sake. By Neil aiding Mr. Seno it aids the Planet.

Thank you, Lords of Light Foundation for supporting us through your Foot Soldiers Project in funding our mission to secure the GCA.

A very special thanks to those who are already supporting us in this effort with their donations. For everyone who makes a donation, know that you will not be forgotten with a simple receipt.

You will now be in our email data base, so when we have completed our mission with your support, we will send you a very special thanks. For those who are making larger tax-deductible donations, thank you. I will not let you down!

Your donations will provide a solid framework for a further connection with our Group K Foundations. You may be invited to participate in our Group K planning sessions for humanitarian programs and projects.

180 + nations will directly benefit from such funding for local and national programs which will release many new technologies such as free energy, clean sea and still water. First we need to restore our communities with new infrastructure and strong environmental projects.

Furthermore, we must clean up the financial messes of past administrations. Eventually, we will get to tackle the fun humanitarian projects! Remember we are the caretakers of our own planet, not the elected politicians, so we must make it right for us and future generations…It must not end with us!

I look forward to that day, meaning soon, when the GCA’s help ALL Humanity.

Thank You,

Neil Keenan, and Group K


Join The Lords of Light Foot Soldiers Project.

Remember… A single candle can Light a dark room.



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