Results of the G20 Summit in China July 2016

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The meeting is reported to be over and the entire world awaits the announcements of the decisions made that will affect every aspect of humanity.  

As the nations weave to and fro under extreme financial and economic duress, what have the ‘leaders’ decided to implement to save the nation’s economies and to restore financial strength to the people.  Or did they?

One of the most important issues on the Summit’s Agenda of key interest and concern is the decision of the world leaders on when to implement the Global Currency Reset.  Of all the nations participating in the GCR, the U.S.A. is the one and only nation – as usual – that continually refuses to release the RV.  

Why do you suppose the Obama regime would continue to REFUSE to release the RV in our nation? Perhaps because of the cabal’s strong interest in achieving a racial civil war in our nation, confiscation of guns, implementation of martial law, roundups of Americans, UN troops on our streets, a lot of bloodshed and the total destruction of our nation?  This is the plan in order to bring about the implementation of the New World Order – the take down of America is ‘the key’ to achieve that.

Perhaps you remember that Obama made a statement some time ago that he would never release the RV in the united States as long as he is in office.  He has been holding to that ‘promise.’

Have the nations, with China leading, decided to proceed to initiate the RV in their nations, leaving the people of our nation behind?

Has Obama’s regime once again refused to allow the American people to participate in the RV?

Will the people of the united States continue to allow the islamic/marxist Obama regime to continue to hold them hostage to the Obama anti-America agenda?

All of the nations and, in particular the united States, are now on high alert waiting for the outcome of the decisions made by the nations attending the Summit concerning the release of the RV worldwide.

And what will the American people do if they should find out that once again the Obama regime has decided to REFUSE to allow the people to be a part of the GCR?

2016 China G20 Summit Agenda and Calendar

(Proposed May 2016)

JULY Meeting  Location
  5-6                        C20 Summit               Quingdao
9-10 Trade Ministers Mtg  Shanghai
11-12 L20 Summit  Beijing
11-13 Labour & Employment Ministers Mtg Beijing 
22-23 Finance & Central Bank Deputies Meeting #4 Chengdu


Finance Ministers & Central Bank Governors Mtg #3  Chengdu
TBD Development Working Group Mtg #3 Shanghai 
TBD Trade and Investment Working Group Meeting #3




Climate Finance Study Group Meeting # TBD

Posted by Olive Oyl at 11:39:00 PM

Source: NESARA- REPUBLIC NOW – GALACTIC NEWS: Results of the G20 Summit in China July 2016


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