Thursday, July 28, 2016

Video: Germany Under Siege – It’s Coming here – YouTube

Within the last few days, and without permission of Angela Merkel (Mother of Terror) the German Police raided one Mosque in Westfalen (Northern Rhine) region of Germany

What they found was a Huge “War Grade Arsenal” of weapons and explosives.

Like most Mosques they are storage centers for  weapons and act as a Hub for terrorism


Since 1975 (40 Years)  I have personally been tracking the FBI’s Establishing Muslim Terrorist Training Camps All Across America. It began when I was invited to the Monnie Camp in Napa California and was not allowed to leave a particular party. The food was spiked with Pheno Barbitol to put people to sleep and run by a San Francisco University’s Professors Home. When they were drugged they were then moved to the camp in NAPA, Brainwashed, drugged, and used by the CIA/FBI to harass folks for money.

I was invited, I ate nothing – but I watched very closely.
When I tried to leave I was blocked by the professor and 2 members of his staff so I put up my fists and they cleared the way and I left.

When the Moonie Camp leader  (Sung Myung Moon) was thrown out of the US by the IRS the Moonie Camp soon closed and  the FBI began moving Felons directly out of the San Quentin Jail into the camp and train them in the use of weapons as Muslim Terrorists.

It was several years later the camp was closed for nonpayment of Property Taxes – all the local papers covered this openly but the story has now been changed.
Back to Europe – Under the leadership of Hillary (Now John Kerry #2) the US State Department has done the same thing to Germany, France, etc they did to the US.

The difference is we can carry a gun here, and every thing the FBI and CIA does is recorded and can then be put on the Internet – even the calls from the DNC were recorded and released by Wikileaks today.

Nothing these Foreign Corporations do goes unreported.

CIA – Owned by the Queen of England

World Vision – Owned by the CIA

FBI – Part of Homeland Security – owned by the IMF now in France

IRS – Part of the Department of Treasury, Owned by the Rothchilds in London

So  – it appears the German Police have had it and are now cracking down on these Muslim Terrorists.

The Terror in Germany and France (Fake as it may be) is coming here – car bombs, mass shootings, killing of Children in Church ….

Be ready folks.

This is all being done to – as the United Nations Says in their internal broadcasts – bring us into a time of Anarchy so our souls can “Grow Through Stress.”

The Age of Aquarius – Peace in the Heavens, Hell on Earth.

The coming Terrorist Attacks to be orchestrated by the FBI and CIA- Food Shortages, Power Outages, Economic Collapse, etc  – is designed to bring us into “Maximum Terror” to allow us to grow spiritually.

Please pray that these Nut Cases who run the United Nations –  and the US Corporation – have massive intervention by the Angels to turn them back to GOD.

Be ready Folks

To the most active, most engaged audience in the world – Than you  – YOU make the difference

Thanks to YOU – the viewers – we were able to expose the Real power behind the “Crisis Actors” (CIA) and  show 2 very fine companies that specialize in employing veterans –

Thanks to YOU – we plan to do a monthly show on Jobs for Veterans – now how cool is that.

Rather than YOU having to pay them for Disability – these companies get our Veteran’s  back into the Work Force immediately with other Veterans that have had similar experiences. The fact that their feelings are felt by almost every vet (PTSD, Loneliness, Guilt) is very healing.

One last note – the IRS is now investigating the Clinton Foundation for around $100 Billion Dollars in Fraud.

Please pray All 4 Hillary’s – and their handlers – have massive intervention by GOD’s Angels and turn back to GOD immediately.

Thank you

The News We All Need

Dr William B. Mount

For You Intel Geeks:

1) The Yearly Bohemian Grove Meeting and Human Sacrifice on the Russian River occurs this very week end.

Please pray that GOD sends HIS angels to the bohemian Grove to change each and every person there back to GOD.

2) The Hit on Obama scheduled for 17 Aug is still on.

3) With the Anointing of Hillary as a GOD yesterday she feels it is Open Season on Trump.

4) Donald – Please increase your security for both Trumps as anything goes. Please keep in mind that the Main Hillary is having uncontrollable seizures and is completely irrational at this point and is having nightly Screaming Fits almost every night.

5) Donald – I see trouble in Dallas, an Ohio Speech, Montana Stop Over and in Seattle. If your Son sets up our Cancer Research Center near Kalispell (All we need is a Large Home) then I will move to an area with less electronics and be able to be more helpful in this arena.

6) Donald – do what You will, but it is YOUR  life we are discussing and I am more than willing to assist if I can.

7) Expect more Hillary “Malfunctions” in your 11/22 Hillary Doubles.


German Special Forces Raid Mosque, Apartments In Crackdown On Salafists | Zero Hedge



Germany Admits “Islamist Terror Has Arrived” As It Prepares To Deploy Army In “Crisis” Situations | Zero Hedge

Rev. Sun Myung Moon Official Website

San Quentin State Prison – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hillary Clinton Orders ISIS Attack Cover-Up In Germany, American Press Stunningly Obeys

Weapon in the Mosque…..

Hillary – The Wicked Witch of the West – One of her Emails available on Wikileaks… She is a War Mongering, Insane, murdering, sexually perverted Freak form the Outer Limits….. so we pray for her to bring her back to GOD, and all her 11/22 Doubles.

Very interesting Article:

How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations



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